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Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall (Re: Questionable and/or mysterious circumstances surrounding Boston Marathon bombing)!

Dear Fellow Patriots:

What follows is a copy of a letter that I forwarded to our NM U.S. Senator Tom Udall today regarding what I consider to be questionable and/or mysterious circumstances surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing.

For your information, I have also forwarded a similar letter to our NM U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, NM U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham and NM Governor Susana Martinez.

Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall:

April 22, 2013

The Honorable Tom Udall

United States Senate

110 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510-3101

Dear Senator Udall:

On March 19, 2013, I wrote a letter to your office and informed you that it was recently revealed that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was preparing for an orchestrated collapse of the U.S. Dollar, which was supposedly the ultimate target of a takedown by the global banking interests controlled by a handful of banks and families of the ‘royal elite” and I respectfully requested your take and feedback on this matter.

For your information, to-date I have not received a reply to my letter from your office, which honestly does not surprise me, but be that as it may, I wanted to share the following new disturbing and gut-wrenching developments with you and again graciously ask for your take and action on them:

On April 16, 2013, a New York Times article published by Scott Shabe revealed that a nonpartisan, independent review of interrogation programs in the years after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks concluded that “it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture” and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for.

Continue Reading:


Note: My following recent blog contains numerous articles and videos that I believe relate to and/or further support this issue:


On April 18, 2013, the following eye-opening and gut-wrenching information regarding the unintended consequences of the recent Boston massacre was revealed during an interview that was conducted by Alex Jones with Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the New York Times best-selling “Tom Clancy’s Op-Center” and “Tom Clancy’s Net Force” book series. He is also one of the world’s most experienced international crisis managers and hostage negotiators. His novels are based on his twenty years experience in resolving international crises for five U.S. administrations: https://stevepieczenik.com/. A video that contains said interview is also included below:

“The unintended consequences of the Boston Massacre were the result of the specific indictment of Bush Jr/Obama/CIA/US Military “Torture of 9/11 Prisoners” at GITMO—FINALLY CONFIRMED as a “WAR CRIME”—Equivalent to Prosecuted Nazi War Crimes and the Torture/Internship Of Japanese Americans During WWII.

Nothing beats a sensational front-page news story like a Boston Marathon Massacre!

Most readers would miss the incidental but far more serious implication for the moral compass of America than the NY Times story by Scott Shane, entitled, “U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Non Partisan Review Concludes”:


In this article, both Asa Hutchinson [Republican/Bush Jr Administration] and James R. Jones [Democrat, Congress] indict the interrogation and tortures committed by Presidents Clinton [Rendition], Bush Jr [full menu of tortures], Obama [Bush Jr in Black Face]. 
In essence, this bipartisan report, along with 6,000 pages of still classified docs IMPLICATES THREE ADMINISTRATIONS of INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES—RENDITION, TORTURE, ENHANCED INTERROGATION. 

What does this mean in the midst of our frenzy to find ‘supposed terrorists’ of the Boston Marathon Massacre? 
It means that, as I have previously repeated time and time again, we have had and still have Presidents who have willingly committed acts of International War Crimes Punishable by Death and / or Life Imprisonment. 

Furthermore, to make matters even worse, the extensive investigations showed that the abominable, criminal activities of interrogation, torture, water boarding committed by the CIA, US military, US mercenaries and sanctioned by three presidents were like the wars themselves- totally useless.

Have I, an experienced counter—terrorist expert with thirty years experience who had never had to touch even one detainee, let alone torture or ‘interrogate’ anyone, suddenly had a fit of righteous indignation or just decided to vent his RELENTLESS FURY for UNREPENTANT SINS of our THREE PRESIDENTS and their MINIONS?

The answer lies not in the headlines nor in the hysterical media distractions of a tragic occurrence, which I might have been able to predict (I think Patriarch did predict this), had I known beforehand that this report would come out on the same day as the BOSTON MARATHON.

That’s right! You’ve got it!

Once again, Obama in concert with FEMA, CIA, FBI, and other National Security minions—the usual ‘choir boy suspects’—decided to OFFER A DISTRACTION.”



Note: My following recent blog contains numerous articles and videos that I believe relate to and/or further support this issue:


On April 20, 2012, DAVID K. SHIPLER form The New York Times published the following eye-opening and gut-wrenching article, which I believe relates to this disturbing issue:

“THE United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.

Continue Reading:


Note: My following recent blog contains numerous articles and videos that I believe relate to and/or further support this issue:


On April 22, 2013, former Congressman Ron Paul published the following eye-opening article that I believe relates to this disturbing issue:

:This week, as Americans were horrified by the attacks in Boston, both houses of Congress considered legislation undermining our liberty in the name of “safety.” Gun control continued to be the focus of the Senate, where an amendment expanding federal “background checks” to gun show sales and other private transfers dominated the debate. While the background check amendment failed to pass, proponents of gun control have made it clear they will continue their efforts to enact new restrictions on gun ownership into law.

While it did not receive nearly as much attention as the debate on gun control, the House of Representatives passed legislation with significant implications for individual liberty: the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). CISPA proponents claim that the legislation is necessary to protect Americans from foreign “cyber terrorists,” but the real effect of this bill will be to further erode Americans’ online privacy.

Under CISPA, Internet corporations are authorized to hand over the private information of American citizens to federal agents, as long as they can justify the violation of your privacy in the name of protecting “cyber security”. Among the items that may be shared are your e-mails, browsing history, and online transactions.

Like the PATRIOT Act, CISPA violates the fourth amendment by allowing federal agencies to obtain private information without first seeking a warrant from a federal judge. The law also allows federal agencies to pass your information along to other federal bureaucrats — again without obtaining a warrant. And the bill provides private companies with immunity from lawsuits regardless of the damage done to anyone whose personal information is shared with the government.

CISPA represents a troubling form of corporatism, where large companies cede their responsibility to protect their property to the federal government, at the expense of their customers’ privacy and liberty. In this respect, CISPA can be thought of as an electronic version of the Transportation Security Administration, which has usurped the authority over airline security from private airlines. However, CISPA will prove to be far more invasive than even the most robust TSA screening.

CISPA and the gun control bill are only the most recent examples of politicians manipulating fear to con the people into giving up their liberties. Of course, the people are told the legislation is for “limited purposes,” but authority granted to government is rarely, if ever, used solely for the purpose for which it is granted. For example, the American people were promised that the extraordinary powers granted the government by the PATRIOT Act would only be used against terrorism. Yet soon after the bill became law, reports surfaced that it was being used for non-terrorism purposes. In fact, according to data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union, 76 percent of the uses of the controversial “sneak-and-peak” warrants where related to the war on drugs!

Sadly, I expect this week’s tragic attacks in Boston to be used to justify new restrictions on liberty. Within 48 hours of the attack in Boston, at least one Congressman was calling for increased use of surveillance cameras to expand the government’s ability to monitor our actions, while another Senator called for a federal law mandating background checks before Americans can buy “explosive powder.”

I would not be surprised if the Transportation Security Administration uses this tragedy to claim new authority to “screen” Americans before they can attend sporting or other public events. The Boston attack may also be used as another justification for creating a National ID Card tied to a federal database with “biometric” information. The only thing that will stop them is if the American people rediscover the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin that you cannot achieve security by allowing government to take their liberties.”



Note: I believe that the following videos relate to and/or further support former Congressman Paul’s article above:

On April 20, 2013, the following video reveals that the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) passed the House by a 288-127 vote and moved to the Senate for consideration and, if passed, will then go to the president's desk for his signature:


On April 19, 2013, during a house-to-house manhunt for a bombing suspect in Watertown, MA police and federal agents spent the day storming people's homes and performing illegal searches, which is a violation of the 4th Amendment. While it was unclear initially if the home searches were voluntary, it is now crystal clear that they were absolutely NOT voluntary. Police were filmed ripping innocent people from their homes at gunpoint, marching the residents out with their hands raised in submission, and then storming the homes to perform their illegal searches:


On March 16, 2013, Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham was arrested in his hometown of Temple, Texas, for allegedly "rudely displaying" a hunting rifle while on a hike with his 15-year-old son. Master Sergeant Grisham, who is stationed at nearby Fort Hood, held a permit for the weapon he was openly carrying that day, which is legal in the right-to-carry state of Texas as long as it does not cause alarm:


On March 3, 2013, the following eye-opening blog was published in the Washington’s Blog, which I believe relates to this disturbing issue:

“In the classic history of Nazi Germany, They Thought They Were Free, Milton Mayer writes :

“What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

“This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.

The German citizens were boiling frogs … the water heating up so gradually that they didn’t realize they had to jump out of the pot to safety.

Because the exact same thing is happening to Americans (fear of terror makes people stupid no matter what country they live in), let’s remember exactly what we’ve lost in recent years:

Continue Reading:


Note: My following recent blog contains numerous articles and videos that I believe relate to and/or further support this issue:


Accordingly, I am hereby graciously requesting that:

a) you and other members of Congress take the appropriate judicial action regarding the results of the recent nonpartisan/independent review of interrogation programs that   revealed indisputable evidence that the United States continues to be engaged in the practice of “torture”, which our nation’s highest officials bare the ultimate responsibility for;

b) you and other members of Congress investigate the questionable and/or mysterious circumstances surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing;

c) you and other members of the Senate vote NO on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) that was recently passed by the house; and

d) you and other members of Congress vote NO on any other bills that may infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights, along with any other bills that I believe are continuing to systematically erode those rights provided us under our “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights.”

For your information, I will also be forwarding the same information to our other NM U.S. Representatives.

Please feel free to contact me at my email or home address should you have any questions regarding this matter.

God Bless The Victims of The Boston Marathon Massacre-God Bless America.


Jake L. Martinez


Automatic Electronic Response Received From Senator Udall’s Office Regarding My Email Above:

Thank you for your message!

I look forward to reviewing your comments and questions.

Before you leave, I hope you'll explore my website. On this page, you can learn more about the work that I've been doing on important issues and legislation as your U.S. Senator.

Tom Udall

Note:  My following blogs relate to and/or further support this disturbing and gut-wrenching issue-You Decide:

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U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Non Partisan Review Concludes!


Father Of Alleged Boston Bombers Makes Terroristic Threat To U.S. If Second Son Is Killed!


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Note: The following video is extremely appropriate today: 

The Fightin Side of Me!


Note:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts, please copy website and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide: 


“Food For Thought”

God Bless Victims Of Boston Marathon-God Bless America!



Semper Fi!


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