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The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 3)

Note: Please read "The Vetting: 'Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection'! (Parts 1 & 2)" that contain pertinent articles and/or blog posts and videos that reveal: 1) the live presentation by Joel Gilbert, his DVD Film titled "Dreams From My Real Father," along with the newly released film titled "The Unvetted”;  2) the Islamic infiltration inside our government armed with our secrets, to include the President's secret link to Hamas; the Islamic infiltration inside our military; the Communist infiltration inside our government, to Include President Obama's secret link to Communists; and 2) the George Soros connection, to include the shared agendas of George Soros and the President: 

The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 1):


The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 2):


NoteThe following articles and/or blog posts seem to give us an insight into at least one of the reasons for why this President and his administration are scrambling to cover-up the Libyan U.S. consulate attack and the rape and murder of the supposed US Ambassador, along with three other US Staff members-You Decide: 

Obama foreign policy - We have to topple a government so you can find out what's in it!-Posted on The Washington Times- By Kerry Picket, The Washington Times-On September 15, 2012:

“In the wake of the attack of the U.S. embassay in Cairo, President Barack Obama on Wednesday told Telemundo that Egypt was not only not an ally of the United States, but also not an enemy.

“You know, I don’t think that we would consider them an ally but we don’t consider them an enemy,” he said. “They are a new government trying to find its way, they were democratically elected. I think we are going to have to see how they respond to this incident, to see how they respond to maintaining the peace treaty with Israel.” 

President Obama further explained saying:

“So far at least, what we’ve seen is that in some cases, they’ve said the right things and taken the right steps – in others, how they’ve responded to other events may not be aligned with some of our interests so I think it’s still a work in progress. But certainly in this situation what we’re going to expect is that they are responsive to our insistence that our embassy is protected that our personnel is protected – and if they take actions that indicate they are not taking those responsibilities like all countries do where we have embassies, I think that’s going to be a real big problem.”

The president’s remarks caused confusion as to what exactly Egypt’s current relationship is with the United States. The White House attempted to help clarify Mr. Obama’s remarks later the next day.

“Ally is a legal term of art,” said Tommy Vietor, a White House spokesman. “We don’t have a mutual defense treaty with Egypt like we do with our NATO allies. But as the president has said, Egypt is long-standing and close partner of the United States, and we have built on that foundation by supporting Egypt’s transition to democracy and working with the new government,” said Mr. Vietor.

The U.S. State Department only added to the confusion when State Department spokeswoman spokeswoman Victoria Nuland contradicted the president’s comments on Thursday. 

Ms Nuland initially said, “But as a matter of fact and practice, the word ally generally is used with a treaty ally, which is a different matter than the fact that we have a very close and longstanding partnership with the government of Egypt, and we are working together to support their democratic transition.”

However, a reporter pressed Nuland and asked, “Well, wait a second. Egypt is an ally. It’s a Major Non-NATO ally.”  Nuland answered: “Correct, yeah.”

Nuland was then asked if the president was attempting to tell Egypt that its relationship with the United States has changed. Nuland responded: “Well, that was certainly, I don’t think, the intention. I’m going to refer you to the White House for further parsing on this.”

Finally, another reporter inquired: “So forget about the President’s words. You’re saying that the Administration, the State Department, still regards Egypt as a Major Non-NATO Ally and it is still a recipient of all the – of the privileges that that entails?” Nuland answered: “Yes.”


It appears the president and the rest of his administration have no idea what the exact status Egypt has with the United States.

Mr. Obama seemed assured of his foreign policy decisions last year when he declared peace in our time during a speech he gave at the United Nations: 

“This has been a remarkable year.  The Khadafy regime is over. Gbagbo, Ben Ali, Mubarak, are no longer in power. Osama Bin Laden is gone, and the idea that change could only come through violence has been buried with him.  Something’s happening in our world.  The way things have been is not the way that they will be.”

One year later, anti-American riots that have resulted in the death of our own citizens, including a U.S. ambassador, are popping up all over the the middle east and White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the protests are not directed at the United States.

Reports show that the White House was warned of the attack to the U.S. consulate in Libya days before it happened but failed to act to take appropriate measures to protect the staff at the embassy. This information came out only after it was revealed Mr. Obama only attended half of his daily intel briefings. 

While Mr. Carney has said that the administration is “very proud of the president’s record on foreign policy,” it seems that the president does not want to realize what his own foreign policies have brought upon the United States and the rest of the world.”



Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose!-Posted on American Thinker-By Karin McQuillan-On September 16, 2012:


Note: My following blog post titled “CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up!” contains the following eye-opening blog post, along with numerous other articles and/or blog posts and videos that reveal that President Obama was one of 8 students that was selected to study Sovietology in Columbia’s International Relations (IR) program under Brzezinski, one of the CIA’s top-ranking officers, and was heavily influenced by him, which resulted in President Obama being hired by him and allegedly being sent to Pakistan in 1981 under the US Government’s CIA faction, which I believe relate to the above article and/or blog post-You Decide:

The Real-Deal About Obama And Congressional/Court Silence!-By Defendusx-On April 1, 2009:

These are pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

“Obama is a Spook. I don’t mean that in the racist sense of the word.

Obama’s mother was/is a CIA officer.

Obama was one of 8 students selected to study Sovietology in Columbia’s IR program under Brzezinski, one of the CIA’s top- ranking officers. This is how the CIA partners with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as Brzezinski was also appointed director of the CFR, by David Rockefeller when the CFR was first created.

The following research information came from The Obama Timeline by Don Fredrick. I highly recommend this timeline to anyone really wanting to know Obama (and not going by what he says):

Obama meets Zbigniew Brzezinski while at Columbia. Brzezinski, a CIA expert on the Soviet Union, teaches international relations and is the head of the Institute for Communist Affairs at Columbia. Obama is heavily influenced by Brzezinski, who would later, as National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter, be instrumental in encouraging America’s betrayal of the Shah of Iran (which then led to the takeover of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini, the 444-day American hostage debacle, and the rise of Ahmadinejad).

Obama was sent by the US government (CIA faction) to Pakistan in 1981….

After Columbia, Obama went to work for a CIA front, Business International Corporation (one of whose specialties was recruiting leaders of domestic left-wing organizations as CIA assets).

Over the years, a certain CIA faction have become experts at toppling governments. Some of their work include “Operation Ajax” in over-throwing Iran’s Democracy, and then placing and backing a dictatorial Shah as leader at the time (1950s), until the Iranian revolution overthrew him in 1979 for a Theocracy. Other government toppling and/or favorable leader placement include Indonesia, Iraq, former Soviet Republics (i.e. Georgia) and so on.

Communists started infiltrating the CIA most notably in the 1970s. Brzezinski is a Marxist and Obama mentor (and now part of his administration and inner circle).

So, you see what is happening now, this same CIA faction (which many top CIA officers are also members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission) are toppling the US government! They have only toppled dozens of smaller governments to date, but with one of their recruits in the Whitehouse, they feel confident in taking down the US.

Some things to note:

Obama ran for state office and his opponent quit the race before the election.

Obama ran for US Senate, and his opponent quit the race before the election.

Obama ran for President and his foreign policy chief was, who else, one of the CIA’s top officers, Brzezinski.....

.....Also, McCain (maybe on purpose) slipped on Larry King and said Obama will be the next President, and this was when he was leading by 1 pt in the credible Polls (Zogby etc.)

It is also why McCain near the end of his campaign started telling the people of America to “Stand-up and fight for America. It is the greatest country in the world, fight for her!!”

And, like in the past, the Muslim brotherhood and Muslim intelligence agencies have been fooling this CIA faction by placing their props in a position for CIA recruitment. In other words, putting their guy in front of the right people at the CIA (Brzezinski) to be noticed and recruited.

Does this make Obama a dual agent for both the CIA NWO (New World Order) objective AND the radical Islam (world order under Islam) objective?

In effect it does, and this is why you’re seeing Obama do both agendas simultaneously. Eventually, one will collide with the other, but the people of the USA don’t have that long to wait before their freedoms are eroded. The time to step-up is now.

Only, we the people can stop this by demanding Obama prove his eligibility. Time is running out….”

Continue Reading:

CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up!


Note: The following videos and articles and/or blog posts relate to and/or further support the above articles and/or blog posts-You Decide:

Confirmed - Obama Is Zbigniew Brzezinski Puppet!-Commentary posted on rense.com-By Webster Tarpley-On March 21, 2008:


Video: Confirmed - Obama Is Zbigniew Brzezinski Puppet!-Posted on NBCNews.com-On March 21, 2008:


Video Zbigniew Brzezinski Still Admits The Global Political Awakening Proving Very Difficult For The Elite!-Posted on YouTube.com-By UrbanWarfareChannel-On October 8, 2012:


An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett!


Video: Glenn Beck: US Arms Terrorists In Middle East?-Posted on Western Journalism-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On September 18, 2012:


BenghaziGate: Two 9/11’s Bring Questions: Has Uncle Sam Joined The Jihad?-Posted on Oath Keepers-On October 26, 2012:


Arming Our Enemies!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Joseph Klein-On October 17, 2012:


WEAPONS HUNTING: The Reason for the 9-11 Murders in Libya!-Posted on Gulag Bound-By Arlen Williams-On September 20, 2012:


The Real Why of Benghazi! (Part 2)-Posted on Stand Up America-By SUAadmin-On October 16, 2012:


THIS IS WHAT BENGHAZI ‘CONSULATE’ REALLY WAS: Media, Obama misleading on nature of building attacked on 9/11?-Posted on WND.com-By Aron Klein-On October 16, 2012:


American Killed in Libya Was on Intel Mission to Track Weapons!-Posted on ABCNews.com-By LEE FERRAN-On September 13, 2012:


Beware World’s Newest Terrosrist Lair: ‘Untracked weapons from ‘Arab spring’ may be fueling fresh hot spot’!-Posted on WND.com-By MICHAEL CARL-On September 14, 2012:


Fruits of Obama’s beloved Arab Spring: more embassies under attack!-Posted on GlennBeck.com-By Glenn Beck-On September 13, 2012:


ISLAMIC TAKEOVER HATCHED IN OBAMA’S ‘IVORY TOWER’: ‘The tyranny they have unleashed will come home to haunt us’!-Posted on WND.com-By Michael Savage-On September 13, 2012:


Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up!-Posted on Global Research-ByMark Robertson and Finian Cunningham-On September 20, 2012:


Why Did Obama Support the Arab Spring?-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On September 26, 2012:


Note: What follows is a blog post by Don Frederick, author of “The Obama Timeline,” along with another article and/or blog post and websites that are also contained in my above mentioned blog post titled "CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up!":

Obama's Relationship with Zbigniew Brzezinski:

I. Obama’s spring break in Pakistan!-Posted on The Obama Timeline... and thoughts on restoring American liberties-By Don Fredrick-On September 14, 2008:


II. Obama - government and military connections?-Posted on aangirfan-On January 8, 2009:


III. Zbigniew Brzezinski-Posted on Source Watch:


IV. Henry Kissinger-Posted Wikipedia:


NoteWhat follows is the first part of the numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that reveal the disastrous results of: 1) the Islamic and Communist infiltration inside our government and our military, to include the President's secret link to Hamas and Communists; 2) the President's connection to George Soros; and 3) the shared agendas of George Soros and the President:

Sec. Clinton keeps to 2011 UN pledge to 'shame' and 'pressure' Americans who denigrate Islam!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Kerry Picket, The Washington Times-On September 14, 2012:


Egyptian prime minister calls out U.S. government to abide by 'international charters' on producers of anti-Muslim film!-Posted on The Washington Times- By Kerry Picket, The Washington Times-On September 13, 2012:


U.S. taxpayer funded Taliban to retaliate against America over online film!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Kerry Picket, The Washington Times-On September 13, 2012:




Allen West Rips ‘Asinine, Naïve, Inept,’ and ‘Incompetent’ Response to Middle East Chaos!-Posted on The Blaze-By Erica Ritz-On September 16, 2012:


Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars to Obama Campaign!-Posted on Big Hollywood-By JOHN NOLTE-On September 15, 2012:


Video: Dem. Kirstin Powers Unloads on Obama and the Media after Embassy Attacks!-Posted on American Thinker-On September 14, 2012:


Video: Libyan President: ‘Foreigners’ Responsible For Embassy Attack!-Posted on Breitbart TV-On September 15, 2012:


Netanyahu Circumvents Obama, Makes Direct Appeal to US Voters Regarding Iran Nukes!-Posted on Restoring Liberty-By Anne Flaherty-On September 17, 2012:


Netanyahu Blasts Those Who Think Military Strike Worse Than Nuclear Iran: New Standard For Human Stupidity!-Posted on The Blaze-By Erica Ritz-On September 15, 2012:


EXPOSED – Panetta: US setting red lines on Iran would just paint US into a corner!-Posted on The Right Scoop-On September 15, 2012:


Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Was Government Informant!-Posted on The Washington Times 24/7-By The Smoking Gun-On September 14, 2012:


Murderous Muslim riots were planned long in advance, had nothing to do with Muhammad video!-Posted on Jihad Watch-By Robert-On September 14, 2012:


This Is How Islamists Knew of Secret U.S. Safehouse: ‘Official warns of large scale
al-Qaida infiltration”!-Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On September 14, 2012:


Obama Had Advance Knowledge of Mideast Attacks!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Matthew Vadum-On September 14, 2012:


The Futility of Apology!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Bruce Thornton-On September 14, 2012:


Middle East Spirals Out of Control!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Arnold Ahlert-On September 14, 2012:


Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A National Disaster!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Frontpagemag.com-On September 14, 2012:


Arab Spring’s Bitter Fruits!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Daniel Flynn-On September 14, 2012:


Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Daniel Greenfield-On September 14, 2012:


The Hip-Hop President!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Michelle Malkin-On September 14, 2012:


Mideast Meltdown Exposes Media Bias!-Posted on The Washington Times 24/7-By Times247-On September 13, 2012:


Obama Doctrine: Slashes Military Amidst Islamist Uprising!-Posted on Big Peace-On September 14, 2012:


Congressman Allen West Excoriates Obama Over Military Sequestration!-Posted on The Shark Tank-By Javier Manjarres-On September 15, 2012:


Every American Should Be Ashamed Of Their President!-Posted on Conservative 50 Plus-By ADMIN-On September 14, 2012:


Bachmann Seizes On Mideast Tensions, Calls Obama ‘Most Dangerous President’!-Posted on TPM-By EVAN MCMORRIS-SANTORO-On September 14, 2012:


Hillary Clinton Made Decision Not To Have Marines At Benghazi!-Posted on Big Government-By MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY-On September 14, 2012:


State Department Denies Claim It Had Advance Knowledge of U.S. Emba...!-Posted on The Blaze-By Tiffany Gabbay-On September 14, 2012:


Video: We Had 48 Hours’ Warning Of The Libyan Attack And Obama Did Nothing!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On September 14, 2012:


Anti-US riots spread to 20 countries throughout Muslim world, also ...!-Posted on The Right Scoop-On September 14, 2012:


Video: Graffiti on US embassy in Cairo: “Take care America, we have 1.5 bi...!-Posted on The Right Scoop-On September 14, 2012:


BREAKING NEWS: Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Leader Called For Protests; Designated As Terrorist In 2004!-Posted on The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report-On September 14, 2012:


Muslim Brotherhood Lies So Obvious Even the US Cairo Embassy Not Fooled!-Posted on American Thinker-By Andrew Bostom-On September 14, 2012:


FEDs Hunt Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Rather than People Who Killed US Ambassador!-Posted on Godfather Politics-By Gary Demar-On September 14, 2012:


The Media Targets Innocent Civilians, Links Muhammad Film to Fictional "Islamophobia Industry"!-Posted Atlas Shrugs-By Pamela Geller-On September 14, 2012:


State Department sets up 24-hour monitoring team for embassy crisis!-Posted on Foreign Policy-By Josh Rogin-On September 14, 2012:


Top U.S. General asks preacher not to back film Muslims use as excu...!-Posted on Creeping Sharia-By creeping –On September 13, 2012:



Arabic Newspaper Says Hamas Opening Office In Cairo!-Posted on The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report-On September 13, 2012:


“Death to America!” – “Islamic radicals” attack the U.S. embassy in Yemen!-Posted on The Gateway Pundit-By Jim Hoft-On September 13, 2012:


Middle East Embassy Attacks: A False Flag Moment?-Posted on Godfather Politics-By Tad Cronn-On September 13, 2012:


US consulate attack in Libya said twin operation!-Posted on Yahoo! News-By HAMZA HENDAWI and OSAMA ALFITORY, Associated Press-On September 13, 2012: 


Middle East Islamic Protests Against Freedom Expected to Explode Tomorrow Demanding to Burn The Embassy and Expel The Ambassador!-Posted on Atlas Shrugs-By Pamela Geller-On September 13, 2012:


While U.S. embassies burn, the U.S. economy is on the brink!-Posted on The Washington Post-By Ed Rogers-On September 13, 2012:


US Ambassador Raped Before His Murder!-Posted on The Gateway Pundit-By Jim Hoft-On September 13, 2012:


Ex-CIA Director Hayden: Obama’s Libya Adventure to Blame for Ambassador Death!-Posted on NewsMax.com-By Jim Meyers and John Bachman-On September 12, 2012:


Islamists Murder US Ambassador To Libya And Three US Staff Members Including Two Marines!-Posted on Gateway Pundit-By Andrea Ryan-On September 12, 2012:


Egypt’s 9/11 Remembrace!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Joseph Klein-On September 12, 2012:


9/11 Anniversary: Obama Administration Apologizes to Muslim Mobs!-Posted on Godfather Politics-By Tad Cronn-On September 12, 2012:


Stop Islamization of Nations' International Freedom Defense Council Meeting on 9/11!-Posted on America’s Survival-By Cliff Kincaid-On September 12, 2012:


INDONESIAN MUSLIMS PRAISE 9/11 JIHADISTS!-Posted on Atlas Shrugs-By Pamela Geller-On September 12, 2012:


US Investigating Embassy Attacks Planned to Mark 9/11!-Posted on NewsMax.com-By Newsmax Wires-On September 12, 2012:



Obama’s Slap at Netanyahu!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Arnold Ahlert-On September 12, 2012:


White House ‘Damage Control’ for Obama’s Israel Rebuff!-Posted on Israel National News-By Chana Ya’ar-On September 12, 2012:




Muslims Commemorate 9/11 by Killing American, US Apologizes to Muslims!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Daniel Greenfield-On September 11, 2012:


HILLARY DOUBLED DOWN ON EGYPT ‘APOLOGY’!-Posted on Big Peace-By JOEL B. POLLAK-On September 11, 2012:


Obama Administration Aids Muslim Brotherhood With $1Billion of Taxpayer Money For U-Boats!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tim Brown-On September 11, 2012:


Eleven Years of the Same Mistake!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Bruce Thornton-On September 11, 2012:


Getting Over 9/11!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Mark Tapson-On September 11, 2012:


The Still Unnamed Enemy!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Daniel Greenfield-On September 11, 2012:




Muslim Brotherhood – Mosri joined at USC, NYC ‘Month of Jihad’ ends!-Posted on Stand Up America US-By SUAadmin-On August 20, 2012:


If Even Some Of This Is True, Obama Is So Much More Dangerous Than We Thought!-Posted on Western Journalism-By GEORGE SPELVIN-On April 24, 2012:


Obama proposes $800 million in aid for “Arab Spring!”-Posted on Reuters-By Susan Cornwell, WASHINGTON-On February 13, 2012:


You wouldn’t expect George Soros’ tentacles here, or would you? ‘Group promoting ‘peace’ in Middle East tied to Occupy, MoveOn, ACORN, more!’-Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On December 25, 2011:


Another Soros tie to Occupy Wall Street. Envisions ‘New Economic World Order’ no longer dominated by 1 superpower!-Posted on Klein Online-On October 13, 2011:


Why did a black preacher from Harlem have a “hit” placed on his life?


Note: Please read "The Vetting: 'Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection'! (Part 4)" that contains the second part of the numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that reveal the disastrous results of: 1) the Islamic and Communist infiltration inside our government and our military, to include the President's secret link to Hamas and Communists; 2) the President's secret CIA connections; and 3) the President's connection to George Soros and their shared agendas:

The Vetting: 'Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection'! (Part 4):


Note: The following videos seem extremely appropriate today:


Give Me Back My America!


We Want Our Country Back!


The Fightin Side of Me!


Note:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts, please copy website and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide.

“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!


Semper Fi!


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