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Beginning in January 2020, there will be a "Change in the Force" as our daughter puts it, the first of a working team will be retiring... my husband is seen now as a trail blazer as my time will be 3-5 years depending on a number of factors.  With the world as bizarre as ever, it is time to shift priorities and use our wisdom to regain the Constitutional Republic we were born into, and want for our generations to have in the future, yet we know that has been and will be a rough road we are about to embark on.

The world's population is rapidly aging- by the year 2030, a short 10 years, one billion people will be sixty-five or older.  As the ratio of the old to the young grows ever larger, global aging has gone critical: For the first time in history, the number of people over 50 will be greater than those under age seventeen. Few of us understand the resulting massive effects on economies, jobs, and families.  Everyone is touched by this issue-parents and children, rich and poor, retirees and workers- and now how the world is being altered in ways no one ever expected.  

What happens when too few young people must support older people?  How do shrinking families cope with aging loved ones?

What happens when countries need millions of young workers but lack them? How do companies compete for young workers? Why, exactly, do they shed old workers?

How are entire industries being both created and destroyed by demographic change? How do communities and countries remake themselves for ever-growing populations of older citizens? Who will suffer and who will benefit?

  In a series of topics, we will touch on many of the questions offered above and will take a step by step look of what may lay ahead.  We too will uncover together, by discussion, shared experience,recalling past traditions and analyze the new progressive suggestions on addressing the Gray World that just not touches us here, but touches every where.

So put your thinking cap on, your suggestions noted some place safe and see how well we truly can be effective with the wisdom we have gained and make this , our home a better place....

Please join me, I love the company ......

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Comment by M on October 12, 2019 at 9:01am

Many good points you have brought up. Many are critical points. the answer lies in the political system that controls the answers.

Lets take the task of feeding the people. It is known that about half of all food presently produced is thrown away. That is the problem of Distribution and who controls that distribution for political purposes. I cite all the donations given to third world countries which is controlled by their dictatorial political leaders. 


There are many ways to properly increase the production of basic food supplies locally even if you live in cities. the problem is the same, Socialist bent politicians want the total control over the creation and distribution so they can control the people. Whereas a Free Market controls it but also opens it to people who will work to sustain themselves and their families instead of sitting back and taking meager handouts from malignant governments for their votes and compliance.


Here is a thought for all the Urban areas, especially the decaying inner cities. Re-purpose the buildings into indoor climate controlled farms where every level has a different purpose that helps sustain the whole and creates enough excess to be sold off to pay for the wages and upkeep of the workers tending it, the profit for the owners that created it as a business, and money for paying the Mortgage on it.


Pure Capitalism at work, unlike the collective farms of Stalin's Russia. Proper Government regulations would have to be enacted to allow for this, and a Socialist Government would only take it over and destroy it.


With profits for the people and the private sector guaranteed, the people would work and maintain their Freedom and Liberty as well as their personal dignity.


I believe this concept can be adapted to any other need as long as the people are innovative and hold the Government under the strict control of the people themselves like our Founders intended it to be.

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