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Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick - The Warrior

April 20, 2010

I just got home from a wet, rainy day in the small, quaint town of Madisonville, TN. Just a hop skip and a jump off I-75 south of Knoxville and a few miles down a winding country road. It's one of those "post-card" towns with a very historic look and feel... where everyone knows everybody. That ultimately may be the problem for this little town. Madisonville is facing a Constitutional crisis of epic proportion and that is what brought me to Monroe County.

Driving into this little town of Madisonville, I couldn't help but notice the HUGE number of police vehicles (marked and unmarked), Tennessee state troopers, and officials that filled and lined the streets all through this tiny town. I was beginning to feel the tension as I neared the courthouse where I expected to find myself in a bomb-sniffing dog, strip search line to even get close to it. Outside a small building, off a side street from the courthouse, there was a news crew, a photographer (who was from the Madisonville local paper), a plethora of law enforcement officers, and a handful of peaceful, patriotic supporters waiting for the man who had created a firestorm on the internet and across the nation for taking a stand against corruption in the very heart of Monroe County's law enforcement and judicial branch of government. Corruption knows no boundaries when there is no one there to limit or refute that corruption. It flourishes and becomes common place. When the people who are there to enforce the laws don't abide by the laws or they make their own laws, those people become self-serving and above the law, making them no longer just and impartial.

I was there to meet the man who has taken it upon himself to right these wrongs and expose Madisonville - Monroe County Tennessee's dirty secrets. I was intrigued and rather awe struck by this man's commanding, yet very personable presence. His name is Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick. He was arrested a couple weeks ago for trying to perform a citizen's arrest on the people who denied him the rights he is guaranteed under the Constitution. Problem... the very people who Mr. Fitzpatrick was trying to arrest, are the very people who are there to enforce the laws and the rights of the citizens who they govern. The Constitutional crisis Monroe county faces, is that Mr. Fitzpatrick was denied his Constitutional right to a grand jury by these same people. By denying him his rights, those people who are supposed to uphold and enforce the law, now have broken the law. Whether you believe that Mr. Fitzpatrick's reasoning for wanting a grand jury is right or wrong is irrelevant. It is a right guaranteed to all United States citizens by the Constitution and when that right is denied by anyone or any branch of government, those persons should be held accountable and removed from their governing position(s). When one of us is denied our rights... we all pay the price.

A personal note for Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick:

You, sir, are a patriot in the truest sense of the word and a warrior. It was an honor to meet you. I would like to thank you for making the sacrifices you have made both in serving in the United States Navy and your captivity as a "political prisoner" in Madisonville - Monroe County Tennessee jail. I'm not a lawyer, not a scholar, I am just a concerned citizen who knows that a government that makes its own rules and doesn't abide by the ones it is supposed to protect and enforce, is a government that no longer works for "We the people", but instead is self-serving and a tool to control the people. Thank you for your patriotism.

For the rest of you who call yourselves patriots:

The time to act is now! Use the rights you hold so dear or LOSE THEM!
Freedom isn't free... and no one knows that better than retired Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick.
When speaking out against abuse of power and corruption is viewed as a crime, it is our responsibility as citizens to reclaim and rectify the broken system that allows such things to take place. The US government is currently defending itself from the very people who hold the key to its existence. The stance the US government has taken on this issue is unacceptable. The government is to represent the will of the people, not to rule the people. Defensive actions by the government to procure and increase their governmental powers is in defiance of the United States Constitution and breaks the laws to which our representatives have sworn an oath to protect and uphold, making them a domestic enemy to the United States of America.
Any and all persons, within or outside the government, who interpret this as anything other than a call to all Americans to guard and secure our freedoms and liberties will be considered treasonous and an enemy to the United States. Those enemies will be dealt with accordingly within the rule of law.
May God help us find the courage and strength it will take to restore our republic.
Written by : CG. Reno ~ Guardian
Knoxville, TN

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Comment by WTPUSA on April 20, 2010 at 4:50pm
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this update. God Bless you for braving the weather to support this couragous man. If more citizens took a stand like this, maybe we would all be in a better place right now.



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