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The Border & Illegal Aliens, And What We Are Doing About It.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

“We are not going to let this country be invaded!

We will not be stampeded!

We will not capitulate to lawlessness!

This is NOT business as usual.

This is the Trump era!," the Attorney General said.

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Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 17, 2019 at 3:14am

 A court just dropped a ruling that sent nancy pukelosi into a furious rage!


dimwit nancy pukelosi’s life is falling apart.

 With President Trump in office, she is losing control over the Democrat Party.

And a court just dropped a ruling that sent nancy puklosi into a furious rage.

 nancy pukelosi is the only real leader in the Demwitocrat Party.

As Speaker of the House, she is the highest ranking representative in Congress.

 But despite her position, she really doesn’t have much power to do anything besides obstruct President Trump’s agenda. And run her mouth.

 And she isn’t even doing a good job on that front.

Trump continues to rack up wins on major issues like trade and illegal immigration.

And he just scored another win with a Florida appeals court reversing a ruling that declared a 24-hour waiting period for abortion to be unconstitutional.

LifeSiteNews reports:

 A Florida appeals court reversed a ruling that declared a 24-hour waiting period for abortion unconstitutional, handing pro-life advocates a partial victory.

 The First District Court of Appeal determined on August 1 that a lower court’s blocking of the Sunshine state’s abortion waiting period in State of Florida vs. Gainesville Woman Care should be reversed and sent back to the lower court. According to the Miami Herald, the case could become a key test for the Florida Supreme Court.   While the court has historically been dominated by pro-abortion jurists, there is now a “conservative” majoirty, which may rule more favorably on pro-life cases.

 The appeals court “breathed new life into this important law,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, noting the ruling cited the group’s brief. “The 24-hour waiting period is critical because abortion is a life and death decision,” Staver continued. “Abortion advocates oppose a waiting period because they fear the mother will choose life.

 How sad that a mother can kill her pre-born child without waiting even 24 hours, and yet, when someone other than the mother kills the same child, it is a criminal offense.”

 This is yet another win in a string of victories for pro-life Americans.

Dozens of states are passing pro-life laws and are finally able to have them upheld due to the hundreds of court appointees Trump has been able to confirm.

 Things are only going to get worse for nancy pukelosi and the rest of the Demwitocrat Party as long as Trump is in power.  

 She will stop at nothing to stonewall the President and his America First agenda.

That’s why she’s so incensed about the court case that President Trump just won in her own backyard.

 The Trump administration won a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in mexifornia that allows the administration to stop Title X funds from going to support entities that perform abortions.

Trump instituted the rule change in February, but the Abortion Lobby has been using every legal trick in the book to delay implementation.

 Estimates are that this rule change would present a $50 million blow to Planned Parenthood.

The rule change also defunds any entity that provides pro-abortion counseling to women.

 Trump supporters are praising the decision, saying it’s a win for defending the right to life and a loss for Demwitocrats.

 In February, when the order came out, nancy pukelosi vehemently opposed it, calling it an “outrageous assault on the healthcare of vulnerable and underserved women and families” while ignoring the millions of

pre-born 'women' babies who are torn limb from limb in the process of abortion.

 The consistent liberal uproar over any move against abortion makes it clear the Demwitocrat Party is the party of Ralph Northam and Kermit Gosnell and not the “safe, legal, and rare” party.

 Demwitocrats will do everything possible to keep taxpayer dollars flowing to the Abortion Lobby because they know it will come back in campaign contributionssomething they desperately need 'attempt' to defeat Trump in 2020.

Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 7:12pm

CNN could not believe what this poll revealed about the migrant caravan

Fake news CNN lied for weeks to its audience about the migrant caravan.

 The liberal activists on the network know the Demwitocrats’ support for open borders is electoral poison.

But even fake news CNN could not believe what this poll revealed about the migrant caravan.

 CNN’s lied for weeks about the migrant caravan.

The midterms are just days away and they know Donald Trump’s closing argument that Democrats want open borders and will allow dangerous criminals to enter the country is powerful.

 So they are trying to cover up the threat posed by the caravan to American sovereignty.

Already two more caravans formed and could follow the one currently in Mexico.

 If the U.S opens its borders to this caravan, many critics think there will be no end in sight to the flood of migrants trying to pour into America.

 But CNN is failing. A plurality of voters in five key states say the migrant caravan is a threat to America.

Breitbart reports:

 A plurality of likely midterm election voters in the battleground states of Florida, Arizona, and Indiana say a 7,000 to 10,000-strong migrant caravan headed to the United States is a “threat” to the nation.

 In the latest CBS News/YouGov battleground tracker poll, Florida, Indiana, and Arizona likely voters expressed their concern with mass immigration at the country’s southern border.

 The three states see hotly contested Senate races between Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Gov. Rick Scott (R), Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ), and Sen. Joe Donelly (D-IN) and Mike Braun (R).

 In each state, when asked about the migrant caravan, a plurality of likely voters said the group of thousands of Central Americans headed to the U.S.-Mexico border is a threat.

 A majority of likely voters in Indiana say the U.S. “should not try to help” the migrants in the caravan, while a majority of Arizona likely voters say the same.

 By a slim margin, likely Florida voters say that while the caravan is a threat to the country, the U.S. should try to help the migrants.


Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 7:01pm

You’ll be speechless when you see who Mike Pence said is funding the migrant caravan

The migrant mob marching toward the U.S. border is turning in the hottest issue in the election.

 A gang of 7,000 migrants is storming across Mexico to try and enter the United States.

How the mob formed was a mystery, but Mike Pence said Venezuela is responsible for funding the mob.

 At a forum for the Washington Post, Vice President Mike Pence revealed the President of Honduras told him that Venezuela funded and organized the mob.

 Pence said the Honduran President told him Venezuela wanted to embarrass President Trump before the election and challenge U.S. sovereignty.

 Venezuela – which is spiraling into an apocalyptic nightmare because they embraced Bernie Sanders-style socialism – paid the mob to march across Central America and to the United States.

 The media is trying to pretend this is a march of innocent refugees looking for a better life.

That’s a lie. It’s a left-wing mob whose only goal is to hurt Donald Trump politically.

Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 6:49pm

James Mattis had one message for the caravan that they will never forget

President Donald Trump deployed troops to the border to stop the migrant caravan.

 The fake news howled it was a stunt.

But Secretary of Defense Mattis had a message for the caravan that they will never forget.

 Mattis and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen visited the 5,000 troops deployed to the Southern border. The troops are playing a support role so the Border Patrol can concentrate on stopping illegal aliens from pouring over the border.

 Mattis answered the fake news media critics who called the deployment a stunt simply stating that “border security is part of national security.

Breitbart reports:

 Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen visited the southern Texan border on Wednesday to bolster troops deployed to support border agents trying to prevent caravans of migrants from illegally crossing.

 “We’ve come down here to pay our respects,” Mattis told soldiers deployed at McAllen, Texas. “We know what you’re doing, we track it every day … Sometimes you got to come down and see the troops,” he said.

 Mattis, a retired Marine general, told a group of young enlisted soldiers, “The eyes of the world right now, and certainly the Americans, are on you.

“We want legal immigrationthat’s part of what makes America good,” he said. “But illegal — we’re going to carry out the law.”

 Demwitocrats and the fake news media hate the fact that President Trump is trying to secure the border.

They favor unlimited migration because they think once all the illegal aliens are granted amnesty they will turn into Democrat Party voters.  Liberals don’t care about the rule of law or national sovereignty.

 But Secretary Mattis reminded the troops that is what they are defending.


Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 6:30pm

Donald Trump gave the military the go-ahead on one mission that no one could believe.

Donald Trump took office promising to rebuild America’s military into a fighting force that’s respected around the world.

President Trump accomplished that goal.

 And now Donald Trump gave the military the go-ahead on one mission that no one could believe.

 President Donald Trump caused conniptions in the Washington, D.C. Swamp last fall when he ordered troops to the Southern Border to help stem the flow of the illegal alien invasion.

 The Fake News Media howled that it was an election year stunt that would be soon forgotten.

And once again, the Fake News Media was wrong!

  An additional 2,000 troops are being sent to the border to provide logistical support so the Border Patrol can concentrate on stopping illegal aliens from crossing into the country.

Politico reports:

Acting Defense Secretary Richard Spencer has authorized the additional deployment of 1,100 active-duty troops and 1,000 Texas National Guard soldiers to the U.S.-Mexico border, the Pentagon announced today.

They will join some 2,500 active-duty and 2,000 National Guard troops already there, for a total force of 6,600 on the border mission.

The new active-duty troops will arrive “in the next several weeks” and will provide “aerial surveillance, operational, logistical, and administrative support” to Customs and Border Patrol, Pentagon spokesperson Maj. Chris Mitchell said in a statement.

The increase in active-duty forces is required due to a “shortfall in volunteer National Guard personnel” conducting the same missions, Mitchell said.

 Border arrests fell in June after Donald Trump worked out a deal with Mexico which included Mexico deploying thousands of troops along their own border to prevent illegal aliens from traveling through Mexico to the United States.

 The deployment of additional U.S. troops is another measure the President is taking to tackle this illegal immigration crisis.

Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 6:21pm

ICE Quarantined 2,000 illegal aliens for this terrible reason!

nancy pukelosi and other Demwitocrats claim there is no crisis on our Southern border.

 But they just got some bad news.

That’s because ICE is holding 2,000 illegal aliens in quarantine for this terrible reason.

 President Trump declared a state of national emergency in order to build a border wall to protect America from what he called an illegal alien invasion.

 Demwitocrats and the Fake News Media shrieked that he was fabricating a crisis.

Anti-Trump reporters and  elected Democrats were lying!

 The facts on the ground showed there was a crisis.

That’s because ICE detained 2,000 illegal aliens in quarantine because of an outbreak of the mumps and other infectious diseases.

CNN reports:

 More than 2,000 people in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody are being quarantined amid an outbreak of mumps and other diseases.

 The numbers of immigrants in custody with a contagious diseases has spiked in the past year.

For the previous two years, the agency has not encountered a single case of mumps among its detainees.

“As of March 7, 2019, there was a total of 2,287 detainees cohorted for exposure to a detainee with a contagious condition,” said ICE spokesperson Brendan Raedy in a statement.

 In the past 12 months, there have been health investigations at 51 ICE detention facilities for mumps, chickenpox and influenza, according to Raedy.

 This shocking story makes it clear that not only does the federal government need to build a border wall, but they must institute other policies to ensure illegal aliens cannot cross over the border and infiltrate the country.

 There are serious health and safety threats the nation faces because of illegal immigration.

The Fake News Media and Demwitocrats were lying about them in order to score cheap political points against Donald Trump.

Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 5:54pm

iihan omar claims President Donald Trump invented a fake emergency at the border.

 The controversial Minnesota Congresswoman also called Trump’s proposed border wall a “monument to racism.”

But ICE just proved Ilhan Omar wrong with this massive arrest of illegal aliens.

 omar and other Demwitocrats claim there is no emergency on the Southern border.

ICE is intercepting nearly 4,000 illegal aliens a day, but Demwitocrats and their allies in the fake news media claim Trump is making the whole thing up.

 That Bullshit is hard for everyday Americans to stomach!!

In Texas, ICE raided an electronics repair shop where they arrested 280 illegal aliens in the largest workplace raid of the Trump administration.

The Daily Caller reports:

ICE just proved iihan omar wrong with this massive arrest of Illegal Aliens!

 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided a job site in Allen, Texas on Wednesday and found 280 suspected illegal immigrants working there. It is the largest workplace raid yet during the Trump administration, according to KERA News.

 ICE agents stormed the CVE Technology Group, an electronics repair shop, after the Department of Homeland Security received tips from locals that employees could be using phony identification to obtain jobs at the firm, allegedly with the compliance of CVE. The department cross-referenced employees with their tax forms to establish a case.

 ICE agents now plan to interrogate the detained suspects and assess “humanitarian situations” where an individual is the solitary caregiver for a child. The rest will remain detained and, according to an ICE statement, “all illegal aliens encountered will be fingerprinted and processed for removal from the United States!


The government – because of laws the Democrats support and refuse to change – has released over one million illegal aliens into the country in the last year.

That is an invasion.

And ICE’s raid to round up 280 of them – while an important first step – is just a drop on the bucket.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

 **** Do you agree with dimwitocrat iihan omar when she says there is no crisis on our Southern border?

Of course not. She and all the rest of n--Trumpers ARE OUT OF THEIR GOURDS! **** Bull

Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 13, 2019 at 5:40pm
ICE just handed Donald Trump a victory that had him smiling from ear to ear!
Donald Trump won the 2016 election on the issue of immigration.
The President intends to make cracking down on illegal immigration a centerpiece of his 2020 re-election campaign.
And ICE just handed Donald Trump a victory that had him smiling from ear to ear.
ICE agents executed one of the largest workplace raids in American history when they arrested 680 illegal aliens at companies across Mississippi.
The New York Times reports:
Federal agents raided several companies across Mississippi on Wednesday, rounding up hundreds of immigrant workers in what federal officials said might be the largest worksite enforcement action ever in a single state.
In a coordinated sting, more than 600 agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed up at the sites with federal warrants that allowed them to search the premises. About 680 immigrants who were believed to be working without legal documentation were apprehended and taken away on buses.
Lindsay Williams, a spokesman for the agency, said the federal agents executed the search warrants in conjunction with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi.
The operation was the culmination of a yearlong investigation, and it unfolded just hours before President Trump — who has made illegal immigration a trademark issue and who recently vowed to deport millions of undocumented immigrants — arrived in El Paso, a majority mexicano city on the Mexico border where 22 people were killed over the weekend in an attack that federal authorities are investigating as an act of domestic terrorism.
Trump supporters were looking for progress and victories in the fight to end illegal immigration in America.
This is exactly the type of immigration law enforcement Trump’s voters expected when they turned out in droves to support him in 2016.
And if the President can show meaningful progress on the issue, he could be well positioned for 2020.
Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 11, 2019 at 11:39am

                                             *** AIN'T IT THE TRUTH **** Bull

We're all going to hell if too many Socialists (from the west of us) move here to Texas!  

                                                                 CA Proposition 63  

 The Lone Ranger was arrested in Lone Pine, California for the crime of illegally transferring silver bullets. The famed masked man had just apprehended an armed felon after shooting the gun out of his hand. As was his practice for the last eighty years, he gave a silver bullet to the outlaw's victim.

 She was a kindly old widow who was robbed and held captive by the desperado. This lady, grateful that her life and property were restored, treasured the silver bullet as a symbol that justice was done.


The trouble started when she showed the bullet to her weekly garden club. Upon seeing the gleaming memento, one lady fainted. Another lady gasped that they were all going to die. A third lady, who was also a member of CHA (California Hysterics Anonymous), warned that where there was a bullet there had to be a gun. During the shocked silence an attendee desperately summoned the Sheriff on her cell phone.

When the Sheriff heard their story he struggled to stifle a laugh. He knew the old gentleman on the big white horse. He also appreciated how many criminals the Lone Ranger had captured over the years !! However, since California voters passed Proposition 63, he had to uphold the law.

Predictably, he found the masked man enjoying a beer at the Dry Gulch Saloon back in town.

"Thanks for helping old widow Smith," he said, "but did you really give her a silver bullet?"

"Yes," replied the Lone Ranger,"  "after all that's my trademark. Got a problem with that?"

"Well, yes," hesitated the sheriff. "Ya see, under Proposition 63, you've got to be a licensed firearms dealer to give anyone a bullet."

"Are you kidding?" asked the Lone Ranger.

"Wish I was, "said the embarassed sheriff, "and to boot whoever receives the bullet has to be registered with the Department of Justice."

"Holy guacamole!" exclaimed the masked man "Did I do anything else wrong?"

"Well," said the sheriff, looking even more sheepish now, "there's the little matter of you shooting a gun out of the outlaw's hand."

"What!" said the Lone Ranger. "If I hadn't done that, the skunk would have plugged me for sure."

"I know that," admitted the Sheriff, "but he'll probably sue you for failing to retreat and using unnecessary force. If they convict you, they'll take your six-shooters away for good. Which reminds me, according to California law; your pistols have too large a capacity. If I were you, I'd convert those six-shooters into five-shooters as quick as you can."

"Jumpin, Junipers!, exclaimed the Lone Ranger. "I'd better tell this to my faithful Indian companion, Tonto."

"Hold on, said the Sheriff." I need to remind you that Indians are now referred to as Native Americans. We privileged male palefaces have got to remember that."

As the Lone Ranger sat in shocked silence, the sheriff explained his rights and proceeded to take him in.

Postscript: Upon being provided an attorney at state expense, the outlaw successfully sued the Lone Ranger. He claimed that he could no longer work since he had suffered the permanent loss of his trigger finger.

 Governor Gavin Newsom urged imposing the maximum sentence for possession of illegal ammunition and a firearm that exceeds lawful capacity. He received a huge monetary award, forcing the Lone Ranger to sell the silver mine.

Tonto was deemed innocent but victimized by virtue of being a member of an oppressed minority. He was given land by the state and now operates a very profitable casino.

After getting out of jail, the Lone Ranger could not find a job since he was now an ex-con. Fortunately, Tonto lets him do light janitorial work at the casino and sleep in the basement.

Following the passage of Proposition 63, violent crime in California has steadily increased. Governor Newsom advises troubled property owners to protect themselves by posting signs that say: "Keep Out, Gun Free Zone"

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors !!   Plato 

Comment by Landel Cathcart on August 8, 2019 at 2:07am


Less than a year after Judicial Watch reported on the terrorist ties of an African refugee living in Arizona,  federal authorities in the Grand Canyon State have arrested two refugees from the same continent for conspiring to provide material support to ISIS. In both cases the terrorists entered the United States legally under an obuma era program that welcomed—and offered residency—to hundreds of thousands from Muslim countries notorious for terrorist activity. Also, in both instances the terrorists settled in Tucson, about 70 miles north of the Mexican border.

 In both cases the terrorists entered the United States legally under an obuma era program that welcomed—and offered residency—to hundreds of thousands from Muslim countries notorious for terrorist activity. 

 Also, in both instances the terrorists settled in Tucson, about 70 miles north of the Mexican border.

In the most recent case FBI agents from the Tucson Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested two Somalian men, 21-year-old Ahmed Mahad Mohamed and 20-year-old Abdi Yemani Hussein, after a months-long investigation. During the undercover probe the men “repeatedly demonstrated their allegiance and support for ISIS,” according to an FBI affidavit in support of a criminal complaint.

 Mohamed and Hussein also discussed their desire and plans to join ISIS overseas and purchased airline tickets from Tucson to Cairo, Egypt to join the terrorist group. The affidavit includes online and personal communications between the suspects and undercover agents expressing their plan to behead non-believers of Islam like animals. 

 “The best wakeup call is Islamic State to get victory or another 911,” according to one of Mohamed’s emails with an undercover agent. Hussein wrote that he wanted to blow up the White House and Tucson if anyone tries to stop him. Both men disclosed that they strived to be the most wanted terrorists in the world.

 Incredibly, Mohamed and Hussein lived in the U.S. legally because they entered as refugees from Somalia, according to the FBI document. “At the time of their arrest, Mohamed had obtained lawful permanent resident status and Hussein remained a refugee,” according to a Justice Department statement that also reveals Mohamed and Hussein planned to conduct an attack within the United States if they were unable to travel to Sinai, an Egyptian peninsula that borders Israel and the Gaza Strip, to join ISIS. The State Dept. warns against travel to the region due to terrorism. “The Sinai Peninsula remains a particularly dangerous area, with frequent attacks on security forces and civilians,” the agency writes in its warning to American citizens. Planned travel to the area by two African young men welcomed as refugees by the U.S. rightfully caught the attention of federal authorities.

 In a similar case out of Tucson last fall, an Ethiopian man granted refugee status by the Obama administration was later discovered to be a terrorist who lied to the government about his identity. The man, Mohamed Abdirahman Osman, and his wife, Zeinab Abdirahman Mohamed, lived in Tucson since Uncle Sam invited them into the country as refugees in 2014. Less than a year ago a grand jury indicted the couple for making false statements to a government agency and lying about the husband’s ties to the militant Somali group Al-Shabaab. Osman used a fake Somalian passport to get to the U.S., according to the 11-count indictment, which charged the husband with eight crimes and the wife with three for helping him conceal his true identity. Osman and his wife fled to China and applied for refugee status with a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer in Beijing using an alias. Documents submitted by the couple contained “false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements,” according to the indictment.

 These two cases out of Tucson prove once again that there are gaping vulnerabilities in the refugee program. Judicial Watch has reported on this for years. In fact, back in 2011 Islamic terrorists— including two al Qaeda affiliates indicted in Kentucky—entered the United States legally through a refugee resettlement program.

 It was called the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), a joint venture between the State Department and USCIS to help tens of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable refugees start a new life in America each year. Most of the refugee referrals in USRAP are made by the notoriously corrupt United Nations, which has published an extensive handbook on the subject. In 2016, an Iraqi refugee granted residency after coming to the U.S. as a teenager, was charged with supporting the jihadist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The once-displaced refugee, Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, was 24 years old and lived in Houston, Texas. He tried to supply material support to ISIL and lied about his ties to the terrorist organization and his weapons training when applying to become a U.S. citizen, according to a federal indictment. That was hardly an isolated incident.

 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) confirmed that individuals with ties to terrorist groups in Syria tried to infiltrate the U.S. through the obuma refugee program that admitted 10,000 Syrians.

 The agency that serves as the umbrella for the intelligence community also revealed the obvious, that “the refugee system, like all immigration programs, is vulnerable to exploitation from extremist groups seeking to send operatives to the West.”  

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