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Comment by Landel Cathcart 6 hours ago

Rep. Thomas Massie, John Lott: Gun-free zones need to go.

They are not only ineffective, they're dangerous!

 By Rep. Thomas Massie, John R. Lott | Fox News

The tragedy at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center fits an all too familiar patternyet another mass shooting in a place where the victims were banned from carrying guns.

 The most lives are claimed in places where people can’t defend themselves on equal footing. It’s not a coincidence the attack occurred in a public building filled with public employees prohibited from carrying handguns, concealed or otherwise.

 This attack could have ended with much less bloodshed. Kate Nixon, a compliance manager at the municipal center, was concerned about a fellow employee and spoke with her husband the night before the attack about taking her permitted, concealed carry handgun to work.

 However, the city bans individuals, including public employees, from possessing "any weapon" on city property unless authorized by a supervisor so Kate Nixon decided against it.

 Unlike his law-abiding colleagues, the killer didn’t abide by the ban. So, Kate Nixon was one of the 12 people killed in the attack.

 This pattern of attacks at gun-free zones isn’t limited to workplace shootings: 98 percent  of all mass public shootings in the U.S. since 1950 have occurred in places where the average citizen was banned from possessing guns.

Banks, churches, sports stadiums, and many members of Congress are protected with firearms. Yet children inside the classroom are too frequently left vulnerable. To combat this, Rep. Thomas Massie, co-author of this op-ed, introduced H.R. 3200 last week, a bill that repeals the Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) of 1990.

 Twenty states, to varying degrees, allow teachers to carry—some of these states have had their laws in place for decades.
  The Safe Students Act would make it easier for state and local governments to unambiguously set their own firearm policies by eliminating the one-size-fits-all federal ban on guns in school zones.
 Banks, churches, sports stadiums, and many members of Congress are protected with firearms. Yet children inside the classroom are too frequently left vulnerable.
 Safe Students Act cosponsors currently include Representatives Justin Amash, R-Mich., Jody Hice, R-Ga., Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, James Comer, R-Ky., and Brian Babin, R-Texas.

 The Crime Prevention Research Center has released a new report examining every school shooting in the United States from 2000 through 2018.

 There were 306 documented cases of gunshots on school property, 48 of which were suicides. Not counting suicides, 193 people died and 267 were injured in these incidents. Four cases were instances of accidental gunshots by police officers.

 The rate of school shootings and the number of people killed by them has increased significantly since 2000. The annual death rate from 2009-2018 was twice that of 2001-2008 (even when one excludes suicides).

 This increase has occurred exclusively among schools that don’t allow concealed carry for teachers and staff.

 Indeed, with the exception of suicides or gang violence outside of school hours, no school that allows teachers to carry has experienced a death or injury from a shooting.

 Utah, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and parts of Oregon allowed all permitted teachers and staff to carry without any additional training requirements. Other states left it to the discretion of local superintendents or school boards.

 As of December 2018, teachers carried handguns in more than 30% of Texas school districts.

And in September 2018, Ohio teachers were carrying in over 200 school districts.

 According to Clark Aposhian, senior member of Utah’s Concealed Firearm Review Board, roughly 5% of Utah teachers carry permitted, concealed handguns at school. Aposhian estimates that support staff — janitors, librarians, secretaries, cafeteria staff, etc. — carry at a higher rate, between 10% and 12%.

 Seventeen million Americans have concealed handgun permits. This is 8.5% of the adult population when one excludes permit-unfriendly California and New York.

 Nobody knows whether the person next to them might have a gun. Carrying in a school isn’t really any different from carrying in a grocery store, a movie theater, or a restaurant.

 The rate of school shootings and the number of people killed by them has increased significantly since 2000. Yet no school that allows teachers to carry has experienced a death or injury from a shooting.

No student has ever taken a teacher’s gun. In fact, the only accidental discharge occurred outside of school hours and resulted in minor injuries for the teacher in possession of the handgun.

 Moreover, school insurance premiums haven’t risen as a result of allowing teachers to carry.

 “From what I’ve seen in Utah, [school insurance] rates have not gone up because of guns being allowed,” says Curt Oda, former president of the Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents. Nor has a survey of six other states shown any increase in insurance costs.

 Police are essential, but they can't be everywhere at once.  Even if an officer is stationed at a school, shooters are most likely to target him first. We’ve seen this time and again at malls, nightclubs, and schools.

 By contrast, concealed carry means would-be shooters won't know who is armed. Even if they take an officer by surprise, they must consider they are revealing their position to someone else who has the potential to stop them.

 Gun control groups paint a frightening picture of what might go wrong if teachers carry concealed firearms, but that fear loses credibility in light of the overwhelming success of concealed carry at schools. Armed teachers deter attackers. It is past time for us to pass common sense gun laws that work.

 John R. Lott, Jr. is an economist and was formerly chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission. Lott is also a leading expert on guns and op-eds on that issue are done in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Research Center. He is the author of nine books including "More Guns, Less Crime." Follow him on Twitter @johnrlottjr.


Comment by Landel Cathcart 7 hours ago

Hello My Friends; Some Good news I got today. 6/10/10  Bull

Landel -- 
 Governor Greg Abbott has now signed all of the NRA-supported legislation which the Texas Legislature sent him during the 2019 session. Thank you to pro-Second Amendment leaders and lawmakers in the House and Senate for their work to ensure passage of these measures. 

 Additionally, there's been a lot of coverage in the media lately about the state's role in promoting gun safety and the following rider that was included in the state budget bill, which was also signed into law by Governor Abbott and which NRA did not oppose:

 Statewide Safe Gun Storage Campaign. (Department of Public Safety) $500,000 in the fiscal year 2020 and $500,000 in the fiscal year 2021 in General Revenue to establish and promote a statewide safe gun storage campaign. The public awareness campaign shall begin no later than September 1, 2020. The public awareness campaign may include online materials, printed materials, public service announcements, or other advertising media. The public awareness campaign may not convey a message that it is unlawful under state law to keep or store a firearm that is loaded or that is readily accessible for self-defense.

 NRA supported the award of a $1 million grant from the State of Texas to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for the distribution of Project ChildSafe firearms safety kits to Texas residents through a network of law enforcement and community partners. We appreciate Governor Abbott's recognition of NSSF's expertise in firearms safety and his effort to bring this proven and effective safety program, which is free of anti-gun rhetoric and bias, to Texas residents.

Yours in Freedom,
Daniel Sheppard
Grassroots Data & Technologies Coordinator
Grassroots Programs & Campaign Field Operations
NRA-Institute for Legislative Action


Governor Abbott Signs Ten Pro-Second Amendment Bills into Law.

  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now signed all of the NRA-supported legislation which the Texas Legislature sent him during the 2019 session.  Thank you to pro-Second Amendment leaders and lawmakers in the House and Senate for their work to ensure passage of these measures.  Here is the list of NRA-backed bills which will become law on September 1:

House Bill 121 by Rep. Valoree Swanson (R-Spring) & Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) provides a legal defense for License To Carry holders who unknowingly enter establishments with 30.06 or 30.07 signs, as long they promptly leave when verbally informed of the policy.  

House Bill 302 by Rep. Dennis Paul (R-Houston) & Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) prohibits “no firearms” clauses in future residential lease agreements and protect tenants’ rights to possess lawfully-owned firearms and ammunition in dwelling units and on manufactured home lots, and to transport their guns directly between their personal vehicles and these locations.  

House Bill 1143 by Rep. Cole Hefner (R-Mount Pleasant) & Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) prevents school districts from effectively prohibiting the possession of firearms in private motor vehicles by limiting their authority to regulate the manner in which they are stored in locked cars and trucks -- including by employees.

House Bill 1177 by Rep. Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) & Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) protects citizens from being charged with a crime for carrying a handgun without a License To Carry while evacuating from an area during a declared state or local disaster, or while returning to that area, and allows shelters which are otherwise prohibited locations to decide whether to accommodate evacuees with firearms in their possession. 

House Bill 1791 by Rep. Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth) & Sen. Pat Fallon (R-Prosper) closes loopholes in the state's "wrongful exclusion" law that cities, counties and state agencies have been using to restrict License To Carry holders in government buildings. 

House Bill 2363 by Rep. Cody Harris (R-Palestine) & Sen. Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury) allows foster parents to store firearms in a safe and secure manner while making them more readily accessible for personal protection purposes.  ​

House Bill 3231 by Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches) & Sen. Pat Fallon (R-Prosper) improves and modernizes the state’s firearms preemption law, curbs the ability of municipalities to abuse their zoning authority and circumvent state law to restrict the sale or transfer of firearms and ammunition at the local level, and allows the State Attorney General to recover reasonable expenses incurred when obtaining injunctions against localities which violate the preemption statute. 

Senate Bill 535 by Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) & Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Van) strikes "churches, synagogues, or other places of worship" from the list of prohibited locations in the Penal Code, clarifying that these places have the same right enjoyed by nearly all other controllers of private property in the state to decide whether to allow License To Carry holders on their premises. 

Senate Bill 741 by Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) & Rep. Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) prohibits a property owners' association from including or enforcing a provision in a dedicatory instrument that prohibits, restricts, or has the effect of prohibiting or restricting any person who is otherwise authorized from lawfully possessing, transporting, or storing a firearm.  

Senate Bill 772 by Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) & Rep. Drew Springer (R-Muenster) provides civil liability protection to business establishments which choose not to post 30.06/30.07 signs, making them less vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits and giving them an incentive to adopt permissive policies for the carrying of handguns by law-abiding citizens on their premises.

Lastly, there's been a lot of coverage in the media lately about the state's role in promoting gun safety and the following rider that was included in the state budget bill, which was also signed into law by Governor Abbott and which NRA did not oppose:  

Statewide Safe Gun Storage Campaign. (Department of Public Safety) $500,000 in fiscal year 2020 and $500,000 in fiscal year 2021 in General Revenue to establish and promote a statewide safe gun storage campaign. The public awareness campaign shall begin no later than September 1, 2020. The public awareness campaign may include online materials, printed materials, public service announcements, or other advertising media. The public awareness campaign may not convey a message that it is unlawful under state law to keep or store a firearm that is loaded or that is readily accessible for self-defense.

 NRA supported the award of a $1 million grant from the State of Texas to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for the distribution of Project ChildSafe (https://www.projectchildsafe.org/) firearms safety kits to Texas residents through a network of law enforcement and community partners.

 We appreciate Governor Abbott's recognition of NSSF's expertise in firearms safety and his effort to bring this proven and effective safety program, which is free of anti-gun rhetoric and bias, to Texas residents.

 **** DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS! ****   

Comment by Landel Cathcart on Friday
Demwitocrat Mexifornia Gives Up On America!, Gives BILLIONS To Illegals!
But they wont give this kind of benefit to American citizens…
Demwitocrat state lawmakers in Mexifornia have agreed to a plan that would extend health benefits to illegal immigrants in the state!
The legislature has a June 15 deadline and is expected to approve the deal. It extends eligibility to Mexifornia’s Medicaid program to illegal immigrants. The move is part of a broader budget plan, which is about $213 billion.
Expanding the Medicaid program to low-income illegals would cost the state about $98 million per year or more!
“Mexifornia believes that health is a fundamental right,” State Sen. Holly Mitchell (D) said.
A number of Demwitocrat state lawmakers wanted to take it a step further, offering coverage for all illegals in the state.
This also includes assistance for middle-income families. A family of four making $150,000 could qualify for a $100 a month subsidy from the government.
Mexifornia lawmakers say these moves are all part of the state’s wide-ranging effort to get everyone in the state covered. This comes at the time of a homelessness crisis in the state.
The number of homeless on the streets has skyrocketed during the last year.
And is growing every day!!
Comment by Landel Cathcart on Friday
What's next?
President Donald Trump announced that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will leave the White House at the end of June with plans to return to Arkansas.
Trump announced the news on Twitter.
“After 3 1/2 years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and going home to the Great State of Arkansas,” he wrote.
President Trump praised Sanders for her service at the White House.
“She is a very special person with extraordinary talents, who has done an incredible job!”
Trump also recommended a future job for Sanders.
“I hope she decides to run for Governor of Arkansas – she would be fantastic,” he wrote. “Sarah, thank you for a job well done!”

Image : Washington Examiner
Comment by Landel Cathcart on June 5, 2019 at 9:29pm

VIDEO: ‘First large group’ from AFRICA wades across Rio Grande into US.


A group of illegals from Angola, Cameroon and Congo waded across the Rio Grande River and into the United States, video from Customs and Border Protection shows.

The video shows male and female adults walking through the water and into Texas, several with children on their shoulders.  https://pbs.twimg.com/ext_tw_video_thumb/1134581031162515456/pu/img...

 U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector apprehended a large group of 116 individuals—from Angola, Cameroon and Congo—after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande River into the U.S. on Thursday. Our southern border is now a magnet for illegal immigration from all over the world. It's time for Democrats to help close the loopholes!

 The White House tweeted additional video:


He always brings them up’:


Fisher Industries workers prepare land on private property in Sunland Park, New Mexico, near El Paso, on Wednesday, feet from where International Boundary Monument No. 1 sits in the foreground.

 Trump tries to steer border wall deal to North Dakota firm.

President Trump has personally and repeatedly urged the head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to award a border wall contract to a North Dakota construction firm whose top executive is a GOP donor and frequent guest on Fox News, according to four administration officials.

 In phone calls, White House meetings and conversations aboard Air Force One during the past several months, Trump has aggressively pushed Dickinson, N.D.-based Fisher Industries to Department of Homeland Security leaders and Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, the commanding general of the Army Corps, according to the administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal discussions. The push for a specific company has alarmed military commanders and DHS officials.

 Semonite was summoned to the White House again Thursday, after the president’s aides told Pentagon officials — including Gen. Mark Milley, the Army’s chief of staff — that the president wanted to discuss the border barrier. According to an administration official with knowledge of the Oval Office meeting, Trump immediately brought up Fisher, a company that sued the U.S. government last month after the Army Corps did not accept its bid to install barriers along the southern border, a contract potentially worth billions of dollars.

 Trump has latched on to the company’s public claims that a new weathered steel design and innovative construction method would vastly speed up the project — and deliver it at far less cost to taxpayers. White House officials said Trump wants to go with the best and most cost-effective option to build the wall quickly.

 “The President is one of the country’s most successful builders and knows better than anyone how to negotiate the best deals,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in an email. “He wants to make sure we get the job done under budget and ahead of schedule.”

 Fisher’s chief executive, Tommy Fisher, has gone on conservative television and radio, claiming that his company could build more than 200 miles of barrier in less than a year. And he has courted Washington directly, meeting in congressional offices and inviting officials to the Southwest desert to see barrier prototypes.


Even as Trump pushes for his firm, Fisher already has started building a section of fencing in Sunland Park, N.M. We Build the Wall, a nonprofit that includes prominent conservatives who support the president — its associates and advisory board include former White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon, Blackwater USA founder Erik Prince, ex-congressman Tom Tancredo and former Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach — has guided an effort to build portions of the border barrier on private land with private funds.

 The first section is expected to be unveiled soon. Fisher-branded equipment and workers were visible this week preparing the site outside El Paso, within feet of the International Boundary Monument No. 1, placed in 1855 at the beginning of the effort to delineate the Mexican border. The stretch, part of which is on private land owned by a brick company, is the only area in the region without a barrier, in part because it crosses rugged terrain.

 Scott Sleight, an attorney for Fisher, said in a statement Thursday that Fisher Industries is committed to working with the federal government to secure the border and has developed a patent-pending installation system that allows the company to build fencing “faster than any contractor using common construction methods.”

“Fisher has invited officials of many agencies and members of Congress to demonstrate what we believe are vastly superior construction methods and capabilities,” Sleight said. “Consistent with the goals President Trump has also outlined, Fisher’s goal is to, as expeditiously as possible, provide the best quality border protection at the best price for the American people at our Nation’s border.”

Fisher Industries works on the grounds of American Eagle Brick Co., along the U.S.-Mexico border.
 Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, has joined in the campaign for Fisher Industries, along with Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), an ardent promoter of the company and the recipient of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Fisher and his family members, according to campaign finance records. Cramer, in an interview Thursday, said the Trump administration has shown a great deal of interest in his constituent’s company.
 Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, has joined in the campaign for Fisher Industries, along with Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), an ardent promoter of the company and the recipient of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Fisher and his family members, according to campaign finance records. Cramer, in an interview Thursday, said the Trump administration has shown a great deal of interest in his constituent’s company.
 “He always brings them up,” Cramer said, noting that he spoke with Trump about Fisher twice — once in February and again on Thursday. Each time, Trump said he wanted Fisher to build some of the barrier, Cramer said. He also said Trump likes Fisher because he had seen him on television advocating for his version of the barrier: “He’s been very aggressive on TV,” Cramer said of the CEO.

 “You know who else watches Fox News?” Cramer asked.

Tommy Fisher, president of Fisher Industries, has made repeated appearances in conservative media insisting he can build the wall faster and for less money.

 Trump’s repeated attempts to influence the Army Corps’ contracting decisions show the degree to which the president is willing to insert himself into what is normally a staid legal and regulatory process designed to protect the U.S. government from accusations of favoritism. They also show how a private company can appeal to the president using well-placed publicity and personal connections to his allies — and the president’s willingness to dive into the minutiae of specific projects.

 But Trump’s personal intervention risks the perception of improper influence on decades-old procurement rules that require government agencies to seek competitive bids, free of political interference.

 A senior White House official explained Trump’s advocacy for Fisher Industries by saying the president was told the company was cheaper than others and could build the wall faster. The official said that Trump would prefer another company if he learned it could do the work cheaper and faster than Fisher has promised.

 The official also said Trump had not told Semonite he must award the contract to the them but had repeatedly brought up Fisher Industries as an option because he sees the process as too expensive and too slow. Trump wants to see hundreds of miles of border barrier completed within the next two years.

 Trump has taken an intense interest in the border barrier project, expressing frustration with the pace of progress on a structure he views as key to his reelection campaign. Several administration officials have said the president requires frequent briefings from his staff and has given specific but shifting instructions to Semonite and DHS leaders on his preferred tastes and design specifications.

 Most recently, the president has insisted the structure be painted black and topped with spikes, while grumbling to aides that the Army Corps contracting process is holding back his ambitions.

 At the White House meeting Thursday, he said he doesn’t like the current design for the wall’s gates, suggesting that instead of the hydraulic sliding gate design, the Army Corps should consider an alternative, according to an administration official: “Why not French doors?” the president asked.

 Trump also dismissed concerns about cost increases and maintenance needs associated with applying paint to the structure, insisting the barrier be black, the administration official said. He also wants the flat steel panels removed from the upper part of the fence, which he considers unsightly, preferring sharpened tips at the end of the steel bollards.

 The Department of Homeland Security did not respond to requests for comment.

The Army Corps, with a reputation for rectitude, discipline and impartiality, is the designated contracting authority for the border barrier project, developing specifications, awarding contracts and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, chief of engineers and the commanding general of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

 “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of our contracting process,” said Raini W. Brunson, a spokesperson for the Army Corps, who referred questions about Trump’s conversations with Semonite to the White House.

The president ordered the reassignment of defense funds to the barrier project after Democrats denied his request for $5 billion. Instead, the agreement to end the government shutdown included $1.4 billion for the barrier.

 Since then, with Trump promising to build 400 miles of fencing by next year, the Pentagon has pledged to provide at least $2.5 billion more.

 Fisher Industries was one of the six companies that built border wall prototypes outside San Diego in 2017, but the company’s concrete design did not afford the see-through visibility that DHS officials wanted. While many of the companies declined to discuss their prototypes with reporters, Tommy Fisher was an eager booster for his plan, criticizing the steel bollard design and professing that a more expensive concrete version would be better.

 When Fisher began promoting a steel version of the barrier that he said could be installed faster and cheaper, the Army Corps said the design did not meet its requirements and lacked regulatory approvals.

 “The system he is proposing does not meet the operational requirements of U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” an official said. DHS officials also told the Army Corps in March that Fisher’s work on a barrier project in San Diego came in late and over budget.

 Fisher Industries has alleged improprieties with the border wall procurement process and sued the government on April 25. And Fisher has made repeat appearances in conservative media including Fox News, touting his plan and denouncing “bureaucracy” for holding back construction progress. His pitch has become something of a conservative cause celebre, and in April, Fisher hosted a demonstration of his construction techniques in Arizona with lawmakers including Cramer, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), as well as Kobach, the immigration hard-liner whom the president had been considering as a possible DHS secretary.

President Trump steps off Air Force One with then-Senate candidate Kevin Cramer, center, and Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) for a campaign rally in June 2018, in Fargo, N.D.

.Fisher this week told radio listeners in North Dakota that he was using private donations to build a section of border wall to show off his superior construction methods, which involve using heavy equipment to hold steel panels in place as they are anchored into the ground. He said he knows Trump will be impressed.

 “The Corps said it couldn’t be done, but now the Border Patrol has seen it,” Fisher said of his construction project in an interview Wednesday on “The Flag,” a show on North Dakota’s WZFG News. “They’ve been out each day, and the proof’s in the pudding, and after that, it’s going to open up a whole new narrative about how border security should be handled, who should construct it, and the border agents will finally get what they deserve. And we’ll prove it in a half-mile stretch where they said it couldn’t be done.”

 Collecting private donations, "We Build the Wall" has raised $22 million for the cause. The group has announced a raffle for a “wall reveal ceremony” it said will be attended by its “MAGA All Star board of advisors.”

 “Witness history made on completion of the first privately funded section of the border wall!” it says. Cramer said Fisher is working with We Build the Wall. The group did not respond to a request for comment.

 Trump has repeatedly brought up Fisher Industries after hearing about the company in early 2019, administration officials said.

 In an earlier meeting with military and DHS officials in the Oval Office, Trump said that the government was getting ripped off by current contractorsand that Fisher could do it for less than half the price and with concrete. “The president got very spun up about it,” said one person with direct knowledge of the meeting.

 Officials from the Army Corps and DHS then met with Kushner several times to explain why Fisher wasn’t the best deal. Kushner was intimately interested in the cost of the wall and why other companies were being chosen over Fisher, administration officials said. Trump repeatedly told advisers that Fisher should be the company, administration officials said, and he has remained focused on the cost of the wall and how slow its progress has been.

Excavators work on land that abuts the Mexican border in Sunland Park, N.M., where private money is being used to build border barriers on private land.

  Army Corps of Engineers officials evaluated Fisher’s proposal and said that it didn’t meet the requirements of the project — and that the proposal was cheaper because it wasn’t as high-quality, or as sophisticated, in their view.

Finally, officials, including then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, went into the Oval Office this spring and explained that Fisher could bid but that the company’s proposal needed to change.

 Nielsen and Semonite separately explained that the president could not just pick a company. Nielsen did not respond to a request for comment.

 Trump remained frustrated, saying that Fisher said it could build the barrier cheaper and faster. “He said these other guys were full of s---,” an official said.

 Fisher was added to a pool of competitors after the Army Corps came under pressure from the White House, administration officials said.

 On Tuesday, after Semonite was called to a meeting with Cramer on Capitol Hill, the senator posted a photograph of the encounter to Twitter, saying he had “discussed border wall construction” with Army Corps leaders. Cramer said he was glad the president is so involved in the process. Trump was elected to cut through Washington’s entrenched bureaucracy, he said.

 “Good for him. It’s why he is the president of the United States. He knows a thing or two about building big projects,” Cramer said. “This is why he’s president.”

 Cramer said that he has long known the Fisher family and that he is not advocating for the company because its ownership has donated money to his campaigns.

 “I was doing it before they were a financial contributor,” he said. “For no other reason than the fact that he’s a constituent of mine.”

 Cramer said he had gone down to the border to see Fisher’s “show and tell” demonstration. The senator said he has discussed the company with Semonite, acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan, White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and others.

 Tommy Fisher and his wife gave more than $10,000 — the maximum allowable contribution — to Cramer in 2018 as he ran for Senate, campaign finance records show. Fisher was Cramer’s guest at Trump’s State of the Union speech in February that year, and the CEO said he shook the president’s hand afterward.

 Trump backed Cramer last year in his campaign to unseat Democrat Heidi Heitkamp. During his Senate run, Cramer appeared in a social media video at Fisher headquarters in North Dakota, driving an excavator.

“Here at Fisher Industries in Dickinson ND, I tested just how easy it is to install a panel of wall myself,” Cramer wrote on Twitter.

The grounds of American Eagle Brick Co., in Sunland Park, N.M.



Comment by Landel Cathcart on June 5, 2019 at 8:10pm

Virginia’s racist governor could tear down historical statues over something insane.


Radical Leftists want to destroy every piece of American history they can get their hands on.

 They believe that America’s past is racist, and therefore should be completely forgotten.

And now, Virginia’s racist Governor could tear down historic statues over something insane.

 Virginia Governor Ralph Northam got smacked with the biggest political scandal of his career earlier this year.

The Democrat Governor was exposed having pictures of himself either in blackface, or wearing Ku Klux Klan robes in his medical school yearbook.

 Since the release of the picture, he has refused to resign and continues to struggle with admitting if he is actually in the picture that appears on his yearbook page.

But now, he is trying to prove he isn’t racist, and radical Leftists are trying to capitalize on that to remove Confederate statues in the state’s capital of Richmond.

 Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, and holds a lot of historical significance!

So it understandably holds statues honoring Confederate leaders and those who were killed or fought in the War Between the States.

 That’s why a group of Left-wing protesters rallied to call for the removal of the statues over the weekend.

CBS 6 News reports:

 A group of racial justice advocates held a rally on Monument Avenue Saturday in protest of Richmond’s Confederate monuments.

 The organizers called on Gov. Ralph Northam to remove the statues because they say the monuments, especially the statue of Robert E. Lee, are magnets for who they call “white supremacists.”

 The rally ran counter to scheduled another rally organized by the Tennessee-based New Confederate States of America, which comes to Richmond from time to time to support the statues.

 They are calling on Governor Northam to act because he is desperate to prove he isn’t racist.

Protesters are telling him that the only way to do that is to remove monuments of American history.

 Right now they are targeting Confederate monuments, but will certainly move on to any historical figure that they disagree with.

Do you think monuments to American history should remain in place?

 **** I DAMN SHORE DO!!**** Bull

Comment by Landel Cathcart on June 3, 2019 at 6:34pm

****************THE POWER OF WE THE THE PEOPLE****************

INSANE: Cartel Gunmen Reportedly Brandish Rifles, Intimidate Border Wall Construction Crew.

Wall construction workers received a reported intimidation attempt from cartel gunmen last night.

 5/ By Tom Pappert


Brian Kolfage, the veteran who started the viral We Build The Wall organization, revealed that cartel gunmen approached border wall construction crews brandishing rifles last night, seeking to intimidate them and prevent them from continuing the border wall construction.

 Brian Kolfage, the triple-amputee Air Force veteran and Purple Heart recipient who started the viral We Build The Wall campaign on GoFundMe, posted a tweet earlier today revealing that “15 armed cartel members with rifles dressed in camo approached our border wall last night intimidating construction crews”, and suggested his organization’s security was able to thwart the intimidation attempt.

 This report comes only one day after President Donald Trump posted a video to Twitter, showing over 1,000 illegal aliens crossing the United States-Mexico border illegally where the border wall has not been completed.  They were then apprehended by authorities, in what represents the single largest apprehension in United States history.

Big League Politics reported:

 A stream of illegal aliens can be seen in the video pouring through an opening in what appears to be a chain link fence. The group can then be seen marching together in the same direction.

 The post comes amid reports that Trump is set to make a serious announcement regarding border security, but so far, those reports are varied. A Thursday morning POLITICO report said that Trump was going to announce a ban on asylum for Central Americans. A Thursday afternoon report in The Washington Post said that Trump plans to threaten Mexico with more tariffs if they do not work to secure the border.

 Only last month, heavily armed men wielding what appear to be auto...

 The armed men exited a truck and escorted the woman and child across a section of border protected only by a small log fence. One of the smugglers accompanied the woman and child between an opening in the fence, onto U.S. soil, and two others remained on the Mexican side of the fence. After walking with the woman and child for several yards, the third man walked back through the fence to Mexico.

 The smugglers can be seen traversing the border with ease, almost nonchalantly, highlighting the lack of border security at the U.S. southern border.

 Kolfage’s wall project has already defied expectations and broken ground, as the veteran-turned-wall builder revealed in a viral video on Twitter that shows at least a half mile of the civilian-funded wall constructed along the border.

 WE MADE HISTORY! The first crowdsource funded international border wall! Paid for with donations from our @gofundme DONATE TODAY!

Comment by Landel Cathcart on June 3, 2019 at 10:49am

Hello my Patriot Friends. Here are some Excellent Questions! Bull

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Image may contain: text that says 'Abolishing the Electoral College would give Los Angeles more power than FORTY-THREE STATES! Do you really want L.A. deciding who our presidents are from now on until forever?'

Image may contain: text that says 'It's a SAD DAY in America when, We have illegal immigrants staying here on a military facility while homeless vet- erans are outside the gates with no shelter or food. Who else thinks it's disgusting?'


Comment by Landel Cathcart on May 28, 2019 at 9:11pm

Louisiana Legislators Make Strong Stance In Defense Of Second Amendment.

 2:00 pm 5/24/19 by Tom Knighton 

 Louisiana has a lot of guns. They also have a lot of homicides, unfortunately.

These two facts aren’t necessarily related, but anti-gunners routinely conflate them as if correlation automatically equals causation. Still, it’s brought up by Louisianan anti-gunners as evidence that more gun control is needed in the state.

 Luckily, lawmakers aren’t buying it. Instead, they’re heading in another direction.

The Louisiana House on Tuesday passed proposals that would expand the state’s reach over local regulation of gun control and boost existing “stand your ground” laws, indicating a momentum of gun legislation in the state.

The House voted 68-30 to support a bill by Rep. Blake Miguez, R-Erath, which would eliminate the authority of local governments to prohibit the possession of firearms in certain businesses and public buildings.

On the House floor, Miguez contended that the current law is “a patchwork of regulations that confuse those trying to follow the law.” Gun law should be consistent around the state,

 “A good guy with a gun always stops a bad guy with a gun,” Miguez said.


 If there’s a pro-gun criticism to be made, it’s that the new law doesn’t go far enough. While it does bar local governments from creating new gun-free zones, it stops well short of preemption of local laws. For example, there’s still a mandatory reporting law in New Orleans. That’s something that can trip up a recently arrived resident of the Big Easy.

 The flip side is for folks like me to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. These draconian anti-gun laws didn’t spring up overnight. It’ll take time to remove them all.

 Further, some people are uncomfortable with what has been done. Doing more might well have jeopardized the effort completely. Once these new laws are in place–assuming it passes in the Senate–and the homicide rate does anything short of increasing, it’ll be far easier to pass additional repeals of draconian gun control regulations or outright preemption.

 That’s clearly what’s motivating this effort. The truth is, no amount of money being spent on law enforcement will combat a high homicide rate, but what will is empowering ordinary citizens to act in both their own self-defense and in defense of others. Bolstering the state’s Stand Your Ground law is another good thing being accomplished here.  Louisiana residents have a right to want safety. The problem is that the government can’t provide it. They’ve tried for decades and failed. Now, it’s time for the government to get the hell out of the way and empower the citizens to take care of themselves. That’s likely to be far more effective.

 Bad guys know to avoid police uniforms. It’s harder to avoid ordinary citizens who are bound and determined to be neither a victim nor a statistic. They’re willing to fight rather than capitulate to the demands of a thug. Empower that and the criminals can’t account for it. They’ll start reevaluating their life choicesassuming they aren’t the types that have to learn the hard way.

Comment by Landel Cathcart on May 28, 2019 at 8:58pm

Texas Approves Disaster Carry Measure, Houston Chief Angry.

**** DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS **** Bull :)

It wasn’t all that long ago when my hometown was devastated by Hurricane Michael. We went days without power or telephones. While our cellphones worked, charging them could be challenging. There was no way to call for help if we needed it. What’s more, the bad guys in the area knew it as well.

 The state of Texas has had its own experience with such disasters, having dealt with Hurricane Harvey which caused horrific devastation. Texas got hit a whole lot worse than we did, as we all know.

 Now, Texas has passed a law allowing open and concealed carry without a permit for a week after a disaster area is declared. The measure will allow people who may not have a permit to carry a firearm as needed to protect life and property in the chaotic aftermath of something like another hurricane.

 It seems that not everyone is thrilled with the development.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo on Monday blasted a bill that would allow people without a handgun license to carry pistols in public — openly or concealed — for a week after a disaster is declared.

  “We experienced one of the worst disasters in Texas history during Harvey,” Acevedo wrote. “This bill wasn’t needed then and isn’t needed now. This will embolden 20,000+ gang members & will not help law enforcement. Let’s hope it isn’t signed.” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo

 Gun control advocates and several lawmakers have raised similar concerns about House Bill 1177, which is headed to the desk of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for approval after narrowly passing in the Texas Senate on Sunday.

 Of course, Acevedo is hardly anyone worth listening to when it comes to firearms, it should be noted that Acevedo isn’t a friend of the Second Amendment. Earlier this year, Acevedo lashed out at elected officials after four Houston police officers were shot. He wanted the state to pass gun control and, of course, it won’t.

 The truth of the matter is, those 20,000 plus gang members Acevedo is worried about? They’re going to be carrying guns either way. They’re carrying guns now without a permit, so how would a disaster change that? Those up to no good will continue to be up to no good regardless of the rules in place.

 I agree that it won’t necessarily help law enforcement. It’s not meant to. It’s meant to help people who have no way to contact law enforcement. It’s intended to help people who are knee-deep in a disaster who don’t have time for law enforcement to arrive. Response times can be slowed significantly in a community where trees may be covering roads. Even in the best of times, the police are only guaranteed to get there in time to draw chalk around your body, and we’re not talking about the best of times here.

 So no, this isn’t about helping law enforcement. It’s about helping everyone else during a time when they damn sure can’t count on law enforcement saving them, despite those individual officers’ best hopes and wishes.

 Acevedo can be upset, but Abbot needs to sign the bill if he hasn’t already by the time you’re reading this. A bill like this can help a whole lot of people, people who Acevedo would rather see hurt.

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Posted by kevin kiernan on April 18, 2019 at 7:24pm 3 Comments

The actions of the fake news is so treasonous that some of them will be targeted by some extreme right. Being treasonous with a platform has very serious aspects. When they get hit with it ,i could care less. Except they will then blame…


Republic vs Socialism and/or Communism - or Nothing

Posted by HighlanderJuan on February 16, 2019 at 1:08pm 1 Comment

Early Morning Thoughts, February 16, 2019

Republic vs Socialism and/or Communism – is that really the current American political question? Perhaps, but I think not. Why not? Because it appears to me that all governments, especially outside…


Real Second Amendment Part 1 of 2

Posted by Gary Hunt on February 16, 2019 at 10:13am 3 Comments

Correcting the Constitution Record - First in a Series

The Real Second Amendment

and Militia Related Information

From the ratification of the Constitution to two centuries of…


The Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in U.S. History! (Part 94)

Posted by Jake Martinez on January 20, 2019 at 10:00am 0 Comments

Please Read Part 93:

The Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in U.S. History! (Part 93)-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By…



Posted by M on June 20, 2018 at 4:12pm 0 Comments

Test only

The Border & Illegal Aliens, And What We Are Doing About It.

Posted by Bullheaded Texan on May 12, 2018 at 12:30am 1384 Comments

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

“We are not going to let this country be invaded!

We will not be stampeded!

We will not capitulate to lawlessness!

This is NOT business as usual.

This is the Trump era!," the…


Active Shooters Thwarted.

Posted by Bullheaded Texan on May 11, 2018 at 9:46pm 2 Comments

FBI Claims 8 Active Shooters Thwarted By Good Man With A Gun.

Every time there’s a mass shooting, gun owners routinely comment that we only wish…


Concerning the Florida Shooting, We Are At A Crossroads.

Posted by M on April 23, 2018 at 9:34am 0 Comments

Reprinted with permission of the author; The Tradesman…



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