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Latest Activity

M replied to M's discussion 11 States Allow Concealed Carry on Campus
"Here is a simpler version; If it happens say only these things; Explain; Officer this person tried to kill me. Complaint; Officer I am willing to sign a complaint. Evidence; That's his gun over there. Witnesses; Those people over there saw…"
18 hours ago
Virginia Foulk replied to M's discussion 11 States Allow Concealed Carry on Campus
"Since I've been hunting for over 50 years, and attended 3 hunter safety programs (with each of my 3 grand-children) I understand what you are stating. As for talking about the situation, yes, do not say anything . I do not pursue my…"
19 hours ago
M replied to M's discussion 11 States Allow Concealed Carry on Campus
"Virginia, I believe you are right in that assessment. However I must counsel you to take training in concealed carry techniques and proficiency with a firearm. Just having a gun does not mean you know how to properly use it to protect yourself and…"
19 hours ago
Virginia Foulk replied to M's discussion 11 States Allow Concealed Carry on Campus
"It's a start and I'm very pleased that Wisconsin believes this is right.  Thanks to Scott Walker and company, I also have the right to conceal carry; though Wisconsin always had open carry in our Constitution.  Because of my size…"
19 hours ago
M posted discussions
19 hours ago
M replied to M's discussion "Lots of Investigations But No Prosecutions or Incarcerations”
"Another take on what went down at CIA-Langley; "
21 hours ago
M replied to M's discussion "Lots of Investigations But No Prosecutions or Incarcerations”
"Addendum; Huge actionable intelligence haul from Marine raid on CIA HQ From Benjamin Fulford Nov 27th 2017"
21 hours ago
M replied to M's discussion "Lots of Investigations But No Prosecutions or Incarcerations”
"This video shows there is something happening that begins to look like a coup against Trump and America from the Deep State."
21 hours ago
Virginia Foulk posted a discussion

More on Bundys and the Terrorist FBI/BLM agencies

Yes, America, The Government Had A Hit List At Bundy Ranch! Tim BrownDecember 16, 2017It's funny how when…See More
kevin kiernan replied to M's discussion Know Your Enemies
"Media Matters ,a George Soros so called tax exempt foundation is engaging in illegal political activities...Obama`s administration allowed this to go on....HEY GEORGE...YOUR NOT IN KANSAS ANY MORE..."
M posted discussions
M replied to M's discussion Some Scary Software that the Govt. can misuse on anything
"Can you imagine the power to deceive that the Government has in it's hands right now? Especially the real time removal or addition of objects or people in projected films or videos"
kevin kiernan replied to charles royer's discussion Damn interesting?
"Build The Wall ...This video is a very interesting idea for sure..."
kevin kiernan posted a discussion
kevin kiernan replied to M's discussion Know Your Enemies
Dec 12
kevin kiernan replied to M's discussion Know Your Enemies
Dec 12
kevin kiernan replied to M's discussion Know Your Enemies
"The Bilderberg Group is a Group of Corporate heads mixed in with some political figures. This group is by invitation only. It is a group that uses it`s collective influence to steer the world towards a One World Government (NWO). This group controls…"
Dec 12
M posted discussions
Dec 11
kevin kiernan replied to Oren Long's discussion Understanding Flynn's guilty plea and "Lying" to the FBI
"The good politicians have never felt brave enough to go against the Deep State like they do under Trump. They are starting to get more brazen as they gain confidence in Our Liberty movement. It takes a little time for this confidence to settle in…"
Dec 9
kevin kiernan replied to kevin kiernan's discussion Trump will clean house
"This is a video of the Trump Rally last night 12/8/17. It is 6 hrs long. It shows the early crowd with many interviews with people gathering in the cold rain ...This shows how much the Trump Army loves our leader. Skim through it to understand the…"
Dec 9


"Lots of Investigations But No Prosecutions or Incarcerations”

Started by M in Misc/Uncategorized. Last reply by M 21 hours ago. 3 Replies

Reprinted with permission of author Ron Ewert;"Lots of Investigations…Continue

More on Bundys and the Terrorist FBI/BLM agencies

Started by Virginia Foulk in Misc/Uncategorized yesterday. 0 Replies

Yes, America, The Government Had A Hit List At Bundy Ranch! Tim BrownDecember 16, 2017It's funny how when…Continue

Know Your Enemies

Started by M in Social Issues. Last reply by kevin kiernan on Thursday. 198 Replies

Starting a column where I hope to get a lot of participation from the members researching the subject.I'll start it off with two pictures. the first will show the 12 ruling families based on money and the second will show the six politicians in…Continue

Are you a Republican, a Democrat, or a Southerner?

Started by M in Misc/Uncategorized on Thursday. 0 Replies

Are you a Republican, a Democrat, or a Southerner? This little test will help you decide:You’re walking down a deserted street with your wife and two children.Suddenly, a terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you,…Continue

Some Scary Software that the Govt. can misuse on anything

Started by M in Social Issues. Last reply by M on Thursday. 1 Reply

This could be devastating and it is in use right now.Continue

Sounds like Soros plan don't it?

Started by M in Social Issues on Thursday. 0 Replies

This is a Prediction/Cautionary Dialogue from 1965 by Paul HarveyContinue

Damn interesting?

Started by charles royer in Economic Issues. Last reply by kevin kiernan on Wednesday. 751 Replies

The Dutch Tulip Bubble of 1637 The later part of the 20th century saw its share of odd financial bubbles. There was the real-estate bubble, the stock market bubbles, and the dot com bubble, just to name a few. In each instance of price inflation…Continue

Blog Posts

Western State Lands Issues

Posted by IdahoMtGal on October 25, 2017 at 9:46am 0 Comments

IdahoMtGal has just posted an article on the BLM, Part 1.

The Truth About Benghazi?

Posted by M on September 3, 2017 at 4:25pm 0 Comments

From Jerry Todd;

Jerry Writes;…


Those Denying God's Existence Should Forsake His Cash As Well

Posted by Frederick Meekins on June 17, 2017 at 8:39am 1 Comment

An article titled “Christian School Teacher Fired After Deciding To Live 2014 As An Atheist” attempts to place the onus for such a state of occupational limbo on organized religion. But isn't it even more the fault of the educator in question for attempting to turn his crisis of faith into some kind of theological publicity stunt?

According to the article, Ryan Bell was a Seventh Day Adventist minister and adjunct professor whose leftwing support of gay marriage and variance…


Defining Trump Philosophically

Posted by Jerry Todd on March 6, 2017 at 6:30pm 1 Comment

Lock Piatt wrote me in part before November – 

"Let me make an observation; the media and the rest of the world live in a bubble believing that all things are like them. They think that all people are just like them for we are after all tribal animals.


The current tribal view of Donald is wrong. How many have lived in NYC for years but never became part of the real NY culture. Queens, Staten Island, NJ and other boroughs are very loud and harsh…


If There is No Victim There is No Crime

Posted by Keith Broaders on February 16, 2017 at 1:46pm 0 Comments

In order tor a crime to take place there must first create a victim, The individual accused of a crime must violate the life, liberty or property of another individual. One of the rights mandated in our Bill of Rights is a person…


Do the States Have a Right to Secede from the Union ?

Posted by Keith Broaders on February 16, 2017 at 1:30pm 0 Comments

Whether a state has a right to secede from the Union or not is covered in the Tenth Amendment.

The states created the Union and before ratifying the Constitution they demanded a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution.…


The Tail is Wagging the Dog

Posted by Keith Broaders on February 8, 2017 at 9:00am 0 Comments

The Tail is Wagging the Dog…


Disciplining a Spoiled Brat

Posted by Keith Broaders on February 6, 2017 at 10:14am 0 Comments

Our government is like a spoiled child. When a child has a set of rules given to them and they know that hey will never be disciplined for violating the rules, they will continue to misbehave.

When the parents of a disobedient child does not enforce the…


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Posted by Keith Broaders on February 1, 2017 at 7:42pm 0 Comments

It is time to wake and smell the coffee. The men and women we elect to serve us in the House of Representative are not representing the people in their Congressional Districts. They are…


Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Posted by Keith Broaders on February 1, 2017 at 8:43am 0 Comments

Falling asleep at the wheel can have tragic consequences. Failure to be wide awake is irresponsible and potentially very dangerous. Our founding fathers knew their experiment in self government required the people to be eternally vigilant.…



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